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4 years ago
What our wingers really lack is a formation that provides them with a platform to play the natural game for which they were originally admired and purchased. A...
5 years ago
Hi Guys, good to be back after several months away. I'm surprised no one seems to have linked the poor form of the wingers with the formation of the team. Its ...
Hey Tony just saying hi and gviing an update whilst on my work computer. Haven't been able to get online much lately due to after effects of Hurricane Sandy. Ho...
Been away for a while and missed CL match but am back now. Moved house and didn't have internet at the new place then Sandy came, tore off part of my roof, cut ...
"Overrated and Underrated Players": What Does It Really Mean? I'm using the example of Joe Hart and David De Gea because there was recent discussion over these...
Badge I applaud what you have said. I always think that its poor taste to be abusive to our own players. Arguably, only Irwin has been a better left back for Ma...
Nani needs to be played in his position ... right wing! Then he will be the game-changing world-beater we once knew.
Joeymac you make a fair point and looking back i was definitely too hard on fans in my defence of Nani. Of course it is also true to state that I have NEVER c...
Formations that play our top scorers in midfield or out wide on the left waste their scoring ability. We need to use formations with TWO (2) striking positions!
What a bucket load of .... Nani was players player of the year! That is a massive acknowledgement and tribute. He doesn't need anyone to give him a chance HE HA...
As Cheshire noted earlier we have NOT played impressively this season. TBH, in the season so far we have yet to see United produce the quality we've seen from A...
Patrick, that's because NOTHING substantive happened ... it's just more newspaper mischief.
Something missing ... a 4-4-2.
Another 3-2 for City, lol.
United old boy stabs city through their Hart!
It was changing to a 4-4-2 that allowed us to win our last match. 4-4-2 is the most balanced of all formations.
Http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2200969/Raheem-Sterling-wanted-Jamaica-snub-England.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g8tV8rvKTc 17 year ...
Thanks, excellent post SiS. This also tells me that the overall performances of inconsistent, poor decision-making Nani and consistent and determined TonyV ar...
Sad to say that selection decision is consistent with someone who would pick Andy Carroll to lead the attack in Euri 2012.
Proph, your knowledge of a bird's anatomy is beyond impressive ... but I guess that's what being a prophet means - seeing things others don't. My image of swan...
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