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I surprised to know that neuer is a bad looser!
I agree with fantomas but don't take it too far to the club muellers. There are many reasons for some leagues to be more famous than others: media, best player...
Are you sure she is a girl? :p
Nani will always be like that.great form in couple of games, then out-of-form instantly. He can't be consistent in one season. I think it's better to sell him a...
Kaka always shows his class. He deserves regular team.
Nani is finished. he can't develop more. He is always inconsistent, average crosser. Valencia and young is much better as a winger. Defender is not a priority. ...
Red Card for Alexis will be a good lesson for him.
Cristiano Ronaldo - 35 G. Higuaín - 18 K. Benzema - 16 WOW!!
6 years ago
Brazil need to find partner for thiago silva, David Luiz is not an option anymore. Another problem is brazil doesn't have player with strong mentality, consiste...
Who is Neymar? :p I hope he is not a kinda kid like robinho. over-rated when he was young but an average player when he is getting old.
@peter: good..good luck for next game. #EPLRules Try to win something! When was the last time you actually got the trophy?
We = MU haters? don't generalized people wolf. :)) Sneijder will make MU stronger.
When Ronaldo win World Cup 2002, Brazil had Marcos, Lúcio, Edmílson, Roque Júnior, Cafu (c), Gilberto Silva, Kléberson, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo,...
@FootyRulz: you clearly don't know anything about this RONALDO. how can you say that he is only an amazing player between 1996 - 1999 and he could not keep play...
I like to see Hulk and Anderson contribute more for Brazil..And call Kaka back.
IMO, he is better than Fred and could develop more than robinho.
Manuel Neuer can give assist too.. really good goalkeeper!
David Moyes deserves better team. he has the potential to be great manager.
I prefer Dos Santos than Nani.
Brazil is in deep trouble. if they keep continue playing like this, they won't win the next world cup. Lack of creativity, lack of leadership. there is no playe...
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