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Pereira scored an own goal on his debut for Sao Paulo, the man is all class :P
What a farce of a game, there was talk of suspending the match beforehand and they really should have, of course I might not be saying that if we'd won hehe
Loaned out or sold outright? if it's the latter i'd say i'm disappointed, would much rather keep him than Icardi, though at least part of that is wanting not to...
Seems we'll be getting D'Ambrosio from Toro, as a rotation player to replace pereira/wallace on the bench, who might be leaving www.fcinternews.it/in-primo-pia...
Julione nominated R. Palacio (86') for Goal of the Week
I've always associated the captain's armband with a sense of leadership, and seen the fact that it's our veterans who possess that quality as just a coincidence...
Ok so no-one's mentioned it so I will address the elephant in the room, Naga was wearing the captain's armband for 12 minutes: discuss
You may be right, I was really upset about the choreography being banned, so it did start out on the wrong foot add a shoddy first half and the few big name pla...
This was honestly the first time i feel we should've had a penalty all year so I don't really buy into the whole "the refs are against us" talk, but I'm pretty ...
If you look at the goal you can tell what all the defenders are thinking: "ok, it's Cassano, he's gonna try pass it, he's gonna pass it, here it comes, that's a...
What were those red cards for, for Moras and Belfodil, at the end? btw our goals were all class hehe
Looks like a great game, pity about the red, pjanic what a hero!
Ultras logic... next thing you know Napoli supporters will be singing the chants
Haha really? Palacio has been so good since he arrived at the club, I thought it went without saying(and this coming from the guy who was very much against his ...
Yup, didn't notice the deflection on the shot while I was watching so I was a bit baffled by Handanovic's (non)reaction, and if the Russian commentator mentione...
What an annoying pitch to play on, why isn't Cagliari allowed to play in their home stadium anyway? is it still "unsafe"? Would've been a much more enjoyable ga...
I don't think I'd ever seen a knee pass back before, and I saw 2 today, one in both Inter and Lazio games. Pretty funny stuff, the crowd and the players in each...
He played pretty poorly, lost the ball quite a few times, not that he was terrible, he put in some nice crosses too. More the string of poor performances than y...
True, but that really isn't the point here.
@Blackstyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahXfawiRlAg can't really hear the jeering in here so use your imagination. @VDA I just don't get it, first it was C...
Julione thought the Inter Milan v Fiorentina match was awesome
Great game! we started off with a really quick tempo, and for a second i thought we'd keep it up all the way. Hugo once again, so good and how quick was Cuchu o...
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