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4 years ago
Fiorentina are such a sick team, Serie A is really coming back to old heights. Only the EPL has more quality teams: Juve, Napoli, Roma, Inter, Fiorentina, Milan...
Would be pretty damn funny though. You deserve it as well, for Henry's hand ball
A bit like my penis
It's a pity Neymar is such a diving c*nt, this game could have been so much better. Barca are the best team in the world and they shouldn't rely on diving and r...
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What a run by Mkhitaryan for the third goal... If I wasn't already a Milan fan, I'd definitely, DEFINITELY support them. Best fans, some of the best youth devel...
Germany 4-0 Argentina, World Cup 2010
5 years ago
What??? El Shaarawy only got 45 minutes to play and almost scored twice? His dribbling was a problem for Brazil whenever he had the ball!
If it hadn't been for Cesar Italy would have been 3-0 up at the break, Brazil scored two counterattacking goals, but Italy dominated both halves.
I think something along these lines would be better: Cesar Alves-T. Silva-Dante*-Marcelo Ramires-Luiz-Oscar Hulk-Pato**-Neymar *can be s...
David "controlled by a 10 year old on a playstation" Luiz is a terrible player from a defensive perspective. He's great on the ball and belongs in midfield.
Wait so both teams were rubbish? I find that hard to believe, both teams played great football, although Italy dominated. They deserved to win and would have if...
Balotelli: 5 goals in 5 games. Keep it up! Hope Pazzini is fit for Barca, we'll have a problem without him. Now the team needs to mentally prepare for Barca, we...
They could have done it if it wasn't for Nani's red...
It wasn't a red card, that much is certain, but I can see how in the heat of the moment the ref would have seen it as a bad tackle. It wasn't a blunder of the l...
I'm always surprised by how much hate Spurs get. Of course that's mostly Chelsea and Arsenal fans but as a club they're great. They bought good young players, p...
He's a great player but he's just suuuuch a c*nt! Look at him DEMANDING the ball for his free kick, he tears open his jaw and lets out an agonizing cry as if so...
Pure da milanista devo dire che questo commentatore sta rompendo le palle, si gasa un po' troppo...
The result is better for Milan since we're higher up on the table, but we should have shut this game out much earlier. What a performance from Handanovic though...
It hit his head, this video proves it
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