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Barcelona fc, Spain National squad, Lionel Messi(the best player in the world right now).
Do I even have to say? Not to be rude or anything but, I can't even say there name.

O and I don't take a liking to that player we wasted money on either (Zlatan)
Amateur (Forward)
I was born in Jamaica and came to Canada when I was 6 years old.I didnt actually pick up football(soccer) until I was 9 after watching the FIFA World Cup 98' when Jamaica qualified. After that I was all about being on the pitch, My athletic ability helped me develope valuable attributes, still I wasn't satisfied with my level of play; I always felt something was missing. Barcelona showed me a tactical flare when they added Ronaldinho for the 2004-2005 season, and I started watching alot more. Now there are new prodigies (messi, thiago) and current legends (xavi, iniesta, puyol) that have imprinted a tactical mentality which has combined with my athletic abilities. Guardiola added to that mixture has created an art piece that shall never leave my tv lol. Barca 4 Life
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4 years ago
The connection between Suarez and Sturridge is becoming telepathic, a true force to be reckoned with and only the beginning. Liverpool won today and they're on ...
Another beautiful display (mainly second half) from Barcelona. Tata is getting the most out of these players. Blaugrana for life!!
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Bruno Alvez, what a disgrace.
450 rubbish votes? Funny how one of the greatest, (if not the greatest right now) is the most hated.
Im still Azulgranas for life, these negatives comments have no effect on us. Just makes us want to come back ten times better (imagine that, the best team in th...
5 years ago
Is this coming from a real madrid fan? the same team in the 1920's to the late 50's had a president that was a general of the spanish military's up rise and con...
We lost it in the second half and overall Madrid deserve to win, this is more of a Morale victory. I think people are forgetting the ridiculous gap between the ...
No Messi, no Xavi, no Iniesta, no Pedro, no Pique or Busquets? No Problem.
You must also realize that in the past month he has a wife that could go in labor at any moment, so as you say observing his body of work must include personal ...
Well done Barca, you would have thought we were in camp nou the way we dominated levante at there home. Iniesta was magic, and Messi played terminator in the f...
For all who say Valdes is off his game.
Im actually in disgust at the moment. I think refs, and linesman like to take a chunk out of the heart of derby's. This was an exciting match, great work rate...
I'm pretty sure a lot of people feel that way because its fact, regardless of the attempts on target, that just shows you can hit the net, but none of that matt...
But you also must consider alexis sanchez' work ethic, hes always running. I know villa is an extraordinary player, but its obvious he is not as young as us bar...
I think its odd that this is the same ref who gave mascherano his first red for barca earlier this year.
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