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FOOTBALL, SOCCER, AND MORE FOOTBALL, Messi terrorizing world class defenders, Iniesta scoring in the 93rd minute ;), the Attacking Philosophy and Attitude that Barcelona promote!
Football that lacks ambition, defensive football games
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Guys... Madrid are out of the Champions League!!! CELEBRATE =D Now let's dash their hopes and win the Liga! 240 million euros and all for nothing :D
8 years ago
Yeah, I think it was more like 240 Million Euro... Pretty sure that can end world hunger or something >.
I remember whenever he was dominating at Barca, he had the hugest smile on his face... then we he started to play poorly you could just see during the matches t...
Great game by Keita... really happy to see Messi score at the end as he deserved one too ... chip attempt #2 went it :) Great stuff and what a way to make up...
They won the Russian league... they are a quality side... Any side that beats Barca at the Camp Nou is quality in my book!
Hey mate, make sure you reply to the appropriate caption in the captions thread . thanks :)
Real Madrid joins in at the annual San Francisco parade
Can I just say... I LOVE YOU BARCELONA AND I WANT YOUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all...
That's a Volkswagen_W12....That's one of my favorite.
Hey Diabloe... could you tell me what kinda car that is in your photo? Just post it on my wall :) Thanks heaps man!
I would say Casper, he's definitely up there... and then of course Bruce Willis OH MY BAD you meant G-O-A-L... I was thinking G-H-O-U-L Messi's run aga...
I don't think he'll ever come back to the form he was while in his peak... But my word, when he played it was MAGICAL, his touch, his vision, his ability to ...
Inter were quite lucky... In the second half it was more about survival for them... That's why they only had 34% possession... They played so defensively in ...
What are you talking about... that 2-6 loss was on of the greatest days of my life :P haha anyways, for me it can't of been this season 'cos Barca freakishly...
BEAUTIFUL top corner strike... If he's the Ronaldo replacement for freekicks than Man U don't have a lot to worry about there :)
...Zlatan has better skills and control, Eto'o is effective because of the way he plays OFF the ball, the runs he makes and the way he finishes in the box... ...
It'll sure be interesting, unfortunately I won't be able to watch it live :( does anyone know where I can watch replays?
Did Ibra score in 2 champions league finals in a row?
...............this better not happen... rather have Villa ANYDAY
You do have a point there... I was overjoyed when Inie put that ball in the back of the net... Chelsea did play extremely well... but I'm just happy, ambitious ...
JosiahsOnFire added new photos to Messi
9 years ago
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