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11 months ago
Great free kick by Pirlo and save by Buffon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those cracks never get old!!!!!!! ;)
Nice by Luis Gustavo!!!!!!!!!!!! He has his place in the Brazilian squad already booked!!!!!!! ;)
Great game by Fiore!!!!!!!!! I'm happy because Mario Gomez great comeback!!!!! El Toreroooooo!!!!!! ;)
12 months ago
I like Wolfsburg, but Bayern is my team, what a great performance, jut majestic, Wolfsburg defense wide open, where was Gustavo!! :P
1 year ago
Best player of the game: Jerome Boateng!!!!!!! ;)
Shame for Wolfsburg defense and recovery they were really sloppy and lost
Wow amazing game by Bayern, just amazing!!!!!!! I hope they crush Arsenal like that on 11 March
Great match by Schalke, Leverkusen is getting weaker and weaker!!!!! :'(
Dante's goal beautiful, Shaq's goals beautiful, Pizarro's goal beautiful, what a beautiful game, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BAYERN MUNCHEN!!!!!!!!!!! XD
That Atletico is really scary!!!!!!! I hope they treat well AC Milan at the Champoins League lol
What a great game for both teams, I wanted Luis Gustavo's attempt ended in goal :'(
Oh s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bayern is the f*****g Cream, I want to see the clash against Arsenal already!!! XD Bayern, Bayern Bayern!!!!!!
What a great last goal by Thiago, it was magnificent and beautifully executed, great players always shine in difficult situations ;)
Congrats to Leverkusen for their pass to the 16 round, hope Shalke do it too, so all german teams can play in there!!!!! :D
In this game obiously Bayern's defense was a little too loosed, they thought it was gonna be easy after the early two-zero. I hope this doesnt happen in future ...
Bayern Munich just amazingly strong, They are the dream team, Love FCB for ever
Congrats to Leverkusen for the pass!!! :)
Well, at the end the team that scores is the one who wins, and this time it was Everton (altough ManU had way more chances) :)
I keep saying Ozil, was the last piece of puzzle missing in Arsenal, lets see what they can do against big teams in Champions League (Bayern, Madrid, Barca)
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