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Går inte annat än att älska Lasse, Synd att dem plockat in Alkisen Ralf dock som bara sitter och mumlar och förstör
5 years ago
Defensive football is football aswell, Its just not offensive football which is an art... ;) Chelsea won CL fair and square, Well done for them
It's because of our sponsors, Our sponsors require us to play some games at home with our away jerseys (Balocco Sponsors). Sorry my english is abit bad but hope...
6 years ago
C'e solo un capitano!
AC Milan really needs to get rid of Robinho, He has missed more open nets than Torres this season, Unacceptable
@Donchino, Well he's right isnt he... The away goal rule gives AC Milan the upper hand
And to all Milan fans out there, How dare you call Juventus cheaters when you were Punished as cheaters in Calciopoli aswell?
After all I think 1-1 is a fair result
I dont see how people can say that AC Milan got robbed on this victory, As I see it, Milan had more decisions going their way than Juve: Muntari Goal Dissallowe...
@ ElBandido stfu, you keep saying the same s**t over and over again ...
Hes a very mediocre player Taiwo, Still confused why Milan bought him, They should have gone for Balzaretti (Palermo) Instead :/
How can people say that City was unlucky to be eliminated from the group stage? Napoli and Bayern were simply the two better teams in the group, Unlucky they go...
I think Marchisio is going to be atleast top 10 midfielders in a couple of years, Hes been superb sofar this season!
So much hating on Serie A when a player in a italian team dives, Diving is going on in every league, So just skip the bullshit
I find it ironic that you pick on Cavani for diving when Ribery did pretty much the same
Milan are always unlucky when they are defeated Khessler ;)
Get your facts right retards, Juventus didnt even want to win this competition, No italian team does. Why? Because theres absolutely no big money to collect in ...
7 years ago
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