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PSG Vs. Chelsea
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Jonny wrote in In Italy v Japan
Didn't watch the whole game, so I don't know how he played, but what about De Rossi?
Well that was scary. At least Everton wasn't playing a top team today; as good as Kone and co were today, Chelsea, Man City and the like would have torn them ap...
5 years ago
Did I hear the commentator right? That Messi PURPOSELY (somewhat) forced the own goal? C'mon! Messi's incredible but that seems a little far-fetched...
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Haha so basically he's a sub. jk :)
What do people think about Chiek Tiote (5.0) from Newcastle and Christian Zapata (4.0) from Milan? I know Zapata had a bad season at Villarreal, but what's up w...
Not to be too critical or anything, but Tito looks so awkward on the sidelines. Is he stoic or does he not know what to do with himself? Has nothing to do with ...
These videos do not satisfy my need for in-depth, good-quality highlights. MOTD anyone?
To be fair, Italy scored on themselves in that world cup...that was a crazy match. But still we did well, then and today.
6 years ago
Interesting article, you've made good points. I would still conclude that van Persie is the "danger man" because he's doing all the scoring. Also, the other pla...
Good compilation, great to see what looked like with hair too. So does anyone know the story behind his "Panzani" jersey?
He's a really good midfielder. I like it when they play him and Cahill in the middle together. Arteta would pair up with him nicely too.
8 years ago
And it was marquez, not puyol ;)
I agree with the first statement; it was a beauty.
What an unfortunate mistake by Weir; it almost looked like a draw
Seriously people? They are ALL hypocrites in their claims: Arsenal backs Eduardo, Chelsea back Drogba AND Ballack (just because you don't score 20 goals a seaso...
Why is it that the England vs Croatia link has a 28 minute long video, and then this 3 minute video of Spain is the longest one on this site? I want to see more...
Watching heskey play is like watching christopher samba play forward: kinda knows how to play target man (i.e. he's big and can head) and a great work rate, but...
Hello mate If you look to the top-right of a team's footytube page then you should see a 'become a fan' as well as a 'become a rival' icon. Click these as yo...
I should invest in a moustache comb....
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