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Watch out! I think we're witnessing an upcoming top scorer for the Europa League! ;)
5 years ago
Omfg the commentator reaction after messi's first goal was hilarious!@#!@
Indeed! I think we should let go Nani but only for the RIGHT price. Cleverly is crucial for United you dumb twat and Evans has done decent so far just don't com...
For people saying that Fulham deserved better, I can counter back by saying DeGea deserved to maintain United's win. Fulham did great for sure with Dembele and ...
What's wrong with the last goal?
6 years ago
I really want Torres to perform at his best again.
Love Spurs. I don't mind if they beat United at all.
It's all about the form. Both are class just the form at the moment.
Not leave. I really think he deserve a spot in ManUtd IMO. Maybe a sub at the very least.
I want Torres to score and do well! Cmon! You still have that talent but some how just can't really utilize it! Cmon!
Not that great of a debut. Maybe he needs the momentum of the team. Then we'll talk about his performance!
I have to say that City played their heart out and.....UNITED IS LUCKY! I VOTED LUCKY! I AGREE! Also regarding about Kompany's red card. It is harsh. We all kno...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Just give Carrol some time. He is still young. It's not like he's 27 or 28 like Torres' age or something. When he plays I can see that he tries so we just let h...
Owhhhh!! Cmon! The 38 min vid been removed.
If I were to pick a team to win the league other than ManUtd. Tottenham for sure. In the matter of fact, it would be nice if Tottenham suddenly manages to push ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Suarez should be aware that he isn't living in Uruguay.
Dude, prepare for some 2-3 to blackburn replies....
World Class or not. They are the so called "better" players in United.
Somewhere on FootyTube
FA purpose is obviously wanting to use this ban on Suarez to warn other players the punishment they can get by being racist towards other players. But 8 games i...
Just being honest about a former player. He's good but dives. What to do?
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