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JohnnyWalkr wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Definitely big favorites in most of the pools. second round is going to be awesome
6 years ago
Suarez and aguero are both amazing. when they come on the field the rest of their teams really pick up their game. Maybe the rest of their teams have more time...
Arjen robben looked like he meant to hit that defenders heals with the ball before he burries that goal. love him but hate him too
I like liverpools black kits. really wish i would have picked up suarez on my dreamfooty team. but i blew my budget on messi, who was apparently on strike. l...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Not trying to convince myself or others, Neither side is going to make any headway in this debate. BUT what i will say, is Ronaldo got up crying like he alway...
7 years ago
LOL, way to be realistic!!!
There was contact, but Ronaldo certainly made no effort to stay on his feet. and he wasnt rolling on the ground like a bitch, be he certainly was crying like o...
There was definitely some contact on his ankle, i dont know how much. but we need to keep in mind that this is one of the world top athletes, running flat out....
Them getting a call isnt an instant goal. they still work the ball up the field. which is something Real didnt seem to be able to do.
Maybe davi alves shouldnt have rolled around that much. maybe pepe shouldnt have flew in there with a ninja kick.
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