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How does this work actually, is it a game or what?
1 week ago
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3eme mon pote!! Aller bouffe les tous!
3 months ago
Jofa39 just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
10 months ago
11 months ago
Très belle performance :) Tu peux viser le top 5. J'ai vraiment raté ma saison. Mais j'ai une deuxième équipe "Juraman" qu'essaye de se maintenir dans les 2...
1 year ago
Anyone from Staff can give an explanation ? Please.
Bien joué le Balotelli :)
2 years ago
2 clevers for you
Alors vieux bouc, tu deviens quoi mon pote?
HOLY COW !!!! What a goal !!!! Sneijder !!!!
3 years ago
VAHIRUA !!! Le pagayeur fou (the crazy padler)
4 years ago
Nice game by valencienne. Pujol is on fire... And he is from JURA !!
So much speed in this team !!! Bale, lennon, Defoe... Next transfert : Ushain Bolt.
Dortmund will win the bundesliga Great goal by sahin
Good Music. 2 greats goals. Congrats Chelsea
Yo foulko et bienvenue... Bonne chance pour la dreamfooty
Love this commentator :)
My Pique still does not have his points for last week game...
Héhé je viens juste de voir ca... Faut croire que je suis le seul fan de sochaux ici !
I think he will... Fortunatly, France's group is not so tough with Bosnia and Romania as the strongest opponents. But it's true he's got a lot o work to do... H...
Sochaux should have won this one
Bien joué Marseille ! French clubs are on FIRE !!!
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