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Hahahhaha, r u serious? u really compare bayerns win to chelseas win? u must be blind! Bayern was better than Real and should have won both games, while Chelsea...
6 years ago
Hahahha, oh man, I really hope Mourinho will be the new coach in Manchester. He is gonna destroy the very last rest of football culture there, like he did in Po...
Real was´even worse than I expected. Bayern should have won both Games, had way more chances. But thats football i guess. And I really was happy, cuz I couldn...
Agreed! Though it isnt as fun to watch. BUT Barca had a lot of chances while Chelsea had only one. Totally undeserved!
@spawan well, thats the truth. Face it! I cant blame Barca for being frustrated. This style Chelsea played isnt good for football. But if Chelsea wouldnt have ...
Oh man, this is just a bad joke. Rarely seen a Game where e Team won more undeservedly. You dont have to be a a Barca-Fan to be frustrated. But thats football I...
I think Bayern is through. Real is not strong enough when they have to attack, Bayerns counterattacks will kill them. Just hope that the ref doesnt get crazy w...
No I mean earned, Kahn-style
...oh yeah, the ref was just horrible, really horrible, as I expected. I dont get why he is given the chance to officiate such important Games. I mean the whol...
Ehmm, I expected a little more from this Game. Bayern didnt play as I expected, the 2nd half was better though. That Dortmund-loss still hurts, they totally hav...
Why couldnt u watch? I watched Dortmund-Bayern and then Atletico-Real.
@ sickman hahaha, when u look at the stadium, he is already playing for the biggest(over 80,000 average, biggest in Europe). And Dortmund has the quality to be ...
Mhh, I dont think so. Yesterday Bayern played their best, well at least they try to play their best. They took this Game as if it was the CL-Final. But the Dort...
Oh s**t, Bayern is gonna have a bad phase again. They always do when they lose against dortmund
@bluemkd We r f****d, but at least we deliver fun games like last Friday. And that doesnt change the fact that Chelsea doesnt stand a chance against Barca.
Somehow ppl forget that it was injustice in both ways. In the first leg Barca should have gotten two penalties. And I think everyone who loves football was hap...
Dont be ridiculous, u have no chance against Barca. Even though its Chelseas last chance, and these kinda Teams r always dangerous as we have seen with the Dall...
F****n Chelski, they didnt deserve the semis. Benfica should have gone through. And that last goal shouldnt have been allowed.
Damn, those yellow cards r gonna hurt. 4-5 Bayern-players have 2 yellow cards. If they dont have their best players in the Final, they shouldnt even play agains...
Ya bitches, thats heart
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