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Well said BlackAna. It's amazing how many 'fans' spout crap after blatantly NOT watching the whole match!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Fergy - mastermind s**t stirrer and monumentally hypocritical. Really sad that all of this spite stems from when he played for Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool bea...
Allen had a great game considering he hasn't been in the squad long but the player who impressed me the most was Sterling; the lads only 17 and he owned City's ...
Agreed. You can see his influence already. There'll be ups and downs but it's looking good for the future :)
It so obvious you know nothing about the EPL, or the fact that Liverpool is in a state of transition. Worry about your own team an stop being an idiotic troll.
The title of this video say it all... Is Footytube run biased by blickered Man u fans?
Enlarged do you really believe everything that the media spoon feeds you? Even the FA and Evra stated they didn't think Suarez was racist you fool! Some facts;...
Did anyone else who watched this game as a neutral (not just the highlites) feel just a touch disappointed? With a top 4 finish to play for, you'd think it woul...
1st off, it's NOT La Liga. 2nd is that manu have more penalties awarded at home than any other club. The amount of contentious decisions that go Manu way is ri...
6 years ago
Manu have more penalties awarded at home than any other club. Check the stats. Must be good having the FA and leagues officials in your back pocket; expensive i...
Because Cech was the last man. Thats the rules,. Simples.
If it cross the line or not the 2nd goal should never of counted; since when has it been legal to fly through the air and take out a defender and the goal keepe...
The commentator summed up this game brilliantly; "If Wigan had played like this all season they be nowhere near the bottom... Manchester United had play like t...
You're not bitter are you?
Agreed. No wonder Slur Fungusson was singing his praises and saying Adam was what LFC needed, the shifty scumbag knew.
What a goal by Marshall. Torres creating 2 and scoring another 2, is he finally finding his old form?
BHAKUNDO hows is Rielynn lazy? Are you sure it not YOU being an idiot?
IKeanu are you surprised> the fact is that Suarez has been falsely labeled by the media. The fact is that even the FA and Evra himself don't think Suarez is ra...
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