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6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Wow. I'll keep all that in mind.. =|
7 years ago
Too much jaw action on the gum.
Haha, Balotelli!
When you've got the 'PSV' tag next to your name.. it's clear why you're bagging on Suarez. In reality, you should be pleased that Ajax has lost someone who has...
I want a comparison on Bush and Obama please.
The pretty boys always dive. Fact. Gerrard has renown for that famous dive in the box.. if you've got to tear a great player down, then go focus on his one bad...
You said Messi isn't a talisman?.. uh..
Haha! Except for the fact that these 3 players are all happy and committed for Anfield, and have new contracts already.. I might agree with you. But... no.
8 years ago
Yeeaaaah boys! Nice to see the fitness & endurance of Torres n Gerrard too - playing the full 90 minutes at great quality. YNWA.
Torres is still clinical as ever.. But Liverpool are gasping for air in the EPL! Let's hope they gain some consistent and quality wins! YNWA! (laughing at th...
Messi didn't dive.. check the replay. Sure, he went down without too much fighting - but with the out line right there.. he wouldn't have gained anything from f...
Gerrard's consistency is lacking?.. If anything, along with xavi, he's been the most consistent play-maker for the last few years on that list! Xavi/Inies...
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