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Great easy game. Hopeful we beat the ex champions Chelsea. "EX" yes i mean "ex" because we will win this season. RIGHT. Any way it will be a great moral booster...
7 years ago
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Glory, glory man united.... Yessssssss i was actually was nervous with this game and I am so happy we won the pressure know is on Chelsea. hope Tottenham wins. ...
8 years ago
Let them have their victory it was well deserved, Tevez did really well and City has not had this for a long time so don't take it away from them. Even though t...
Now we don't
Berba showed a glimpse of his true genus today and hopefully next season he will score more goals, but over all he played very well with fantastic passes to the...
The team did really well even though we had a little pressure from the impressive thumping of Aston Villa by Chelsea. United showed why we are champions and how...
As a striker he did very well
Congrats on the Portsmouth game. Yes they are Leading the league from the reverse way so I am sure it was a tough match for u and your form is truly amazing. Vi...
Chelsea just is not looking as threatening as they first began, maybe all their players are getting tired.
Don't be so harsh on him, I too was just as harsh a couple of months ago but he proves his true genius in a few instances like magnificent passes to Valencia or...
I am sorry man I would really like that but I KNOW THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. But it will be a interesting match over all.
We have a score to settle with Bayern
I would really love that but Arsenal and Chelsea are still in it and we do have tough games. But this was a hurdle we needed to over come.
We played City three times, once in the league and twice in the Carling cup. We beat the twice and lost once. City can spend 400 million pounds but their will o...
That would be nice to see but I have a feeling the final is going to be UNITED vs. ARSENAL only to realy strong teams left, but please correct me if I am wrong....
Or we buy used United Players
I hope it is Barcelona because we owe them
Ok maybe our past few encounters haven't turned out so well but this is a new match and a new squad so don't worry and as Ferguson said our team is getting stro...
Thanks and I truly believed you didn't deserve to go out like that especially the DD dismissal.
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