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Kiessling, Barrios, Lewandowski (in a couple of years), Rolfes and Podolski would do well. Gomez would struggle cause he sucks with the ball at his feet. He wou...
6 years ago
Maybe it was Joey Barton almost breaking his leg... Ummm I think that might have something to do with it
Carlos do you need a puke bucket, cause you're pretty sick dude
Are you really calling Ferreira a legend?... hahahahahaha shows what kind of moron you are. and yes they are too old. they get beaten for pace all the time
I love Finger Eleven. And I like the fact that Balotelli doesn't celebrate when he scores
Apparently Italians like cheesy music.
7 years ago
I feel sorry for the rover players. but not for big sam i hate his guts. him and that damn gum, it akways looks like he's a cow chewing on cud
Didn't know chelsea could suck this bad... not that i''m complaining
That nutmeg by lennon was hella dope
@Ner No man I like Hughes at Fulham he plays Dempsey in his correct position
Look at Ade gettin' all fresh and clean haha. That last goal had a rediculous pass by Silva
That goal from muller was redonkulous
The ref actually did Bolton a favor by sending cahill off cause that move was lookin scary quick. Plus you never go to ground from behind man
Yeah what is the name of that song?
I hope Bob Bradley was watching that game. I hope he realizes that putting Dempsey in the second striker role could really open up new poosibilities that we jus...
Gordon should get player of the week after that
Man City's counter attack is deadly! Although any counter attack with Tevez involved is gonna be.
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