Jetfire88 (Al Hammam) says GO UNITED !
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My idol has been/is/always be King Eric Cantona !
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Good game by Norwich, I really hope they stay up and remain up for many seasons to come :)
6 years ago
Arsenal weren't rubbish, they played well, gave us a good game, but at the end we prevailed, but credits to the gunners, they had a good run, fair play to them,...
7 years ago
Am a Brazil fan, but credit where it's due, well done Argies, make South America proud :)
LOL good one mate :)
Agree with Partoba, with players like Honda & Endo, many Asians r already choiring "Ronaldo who ?" hehe
Karma hits Le Cheaters...Happy days :)))) Hernandez looks very promising
8 years ago
Love Park's celebration, his smile put a smile on my face too :)
I wish the same as u :)
Brilliant 3rd goal & a belter of a freekick by Bastos, Viva Brasil !!
Welcome to Champs League football Spurs, well done lads *two thumbs up* ;)
Fulham's had a fantastic season, now i want them to win the Europa !
Well done Inter ! I can see them winning the trophy at the end now ! Glad someone finally put a stopper on Barca !!
Hahaha man s***ty lost, it's always nice to silence the noisy empty vessel neighbors LOL !!
Oh u wont be ranting like a baby wanting his pacifier had Pool won instead, Filiboy, doesnt matter who scores first, the score at the final whistle counts, its ...
Yes, pundits are wrong half the time so yeah i'm glad they're wrong this time :)
Hmm Chelsea mite get past Spurs but Villa is another story, they have proven to be Chelsea's achilles heel past 2-3 seasons (eg. the 4-4 game at stamford bridge...
Yes 1 away goal is only valued at 1.5 goals not yeah really u have 1.5-1 not 2-1 !!
Well done Gunners, good game !
And still won ZERO trophies. who's the stupid one now ?! tsk tsk tsk
Great game for arsenal and great goal by ramsey...well done gunners !!
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