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20Livercelona12 (Mark Josephsen)
Not much to tell.. I like GUINNESS Yum :P
2conca (Anh Vo) from Bellevue, US
Aaron222 (Meep)
As a midfielder, I specialize my skill set as a center defensive-mid tactician, but I can make passes as a playmaker and often rotate outside to the wings for crosses! My playin ...
I love hunting, fishing and football. When I watch football I like to watch Tottenham, Palermo and Crystal Palace. But when I play for my team Maunu Blue I try to play like Mousa ...
Alwaysared (Erehemantresni)
Amaankassam (Amaan Kassam) Norway
A Scouser, like all, ready to die for LFC, besides that, xD, chilled out dude, if not absorbed in LFC, listen to Trance and drink Beer, and shout insults a the TV
Ashup78 (Ashutosh Pandey) from Mumbai, India
BenBro (Ben Brosseau) from Edgewater, USA
I graduated from Salisbury University, I was born in Surrey, England, now live in the USA here in New Jersey, just moved here from Maryland, and I am a die hard Liverpool fan. W ...
Benny678 (Ben Hughes)
Loves to watch Liverpool, and football in general. Plays basketball competitively. Xbox 360, Fifa series (since 2008), Forza Motorsport series. ___________________________ ...
Bplittle (Brendan) from Vancouver, Canada
Bren82 (Brendan) Ireland
Steven Gerrard by Liverpool FC Staff on Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:15PM Read more at: ...
and Canada
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