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Jess3 gave the Luis Enrique: "Hemos estado a un buen nivel" video a rating of 5
3 years ago
Meant to say second goal was Busi's fault, not the first one.
So happy for the team and all of people that form the Barça name, players, staff, family of all of them and fans. Tito was watching the game tonight it seems. ...
@JRaty... Besides having a great vision of the game you're also a poet. Good job mate!
Andres201... Thanks, I've been saying that for the longest time and have been called crazy :-)
I can't believe I'm agreeing on something with Mt.
Totally agree with the brat part, although I do mind how you play specially having a team with such qualities. When I see a team with all of those talented play...
Hopefully we can start the game at full speed and take control of the first 20min. Força Barça!
@franky... Still Madrid have to play Valladolid, so it'd potentially be 3 points, depending on how the "vallisoletanos" do.
Ummm, unsure what inspired your insipidness, but if you could attach some substance to your ad hominem blather you left on my wall it would be appreciated. I en...
@Barcafanforever... We're on 2014, am I right?, I'm really confused, what's going on?
Francesc Vilanova. What a big loss, he goes as current champion coach of the league, he will always be remembered as the one Barcelona coach that made 100 point...
BTW, you can go to NSCAA to find out about how to become a coach, sourses are not too time consuming if you already have knowledge, and it basically just takes ...
Thanks for the reply. I have friends in Catalunya that I've met during the World Cup 2010, they came to Chicago IL for vacations and that's how I know them, mo...
@Mt1234... Sometimes I don't know if you're here to stir things up to create controversy or if you just can't discern Fut that well. I don't know if you've noti...
@Alfrodo... Just posted on your wall my thoughts about what you asked referring to Graham Hunter's opinion of Neymar and Barça. Didn't post it on page 6 becau...
What Graham Hunter is saying is pretty much putting an ultimatum to Neymar-Barça's aspirations for success. Just wanted to comment that I've been following Ne...
@Franky$fingers... Couldn't agree with you more.
@Mt1234... I guess you can't see further than what the commentors say, I'd try and watch the games with no sound next time if I were you, it helps. If you don't...
4 years ago
Just seeing how many teams you're fan of proves my point, you're a little confused, but thats ok. You're just another sheep. Learn to give your opinion regardle...
Look mate, it is not my fault that your vision of football doesn't go further than what the commentors say, if you can't see what I and other real analysts of F...
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