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5 years ago
7 years ago
Spain defense and midfield did their job ..!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Hes simply the best.. 100% effectiveness... :)
Great saves by casillas !! .. this teams : Portugal and Paraguay are too defensive for a real football match... but now we are going to see one spain vs germ...
Superb goals by spain... but they were very nervous...:S ... hope that goes away againts portugal...
A little bit late for the australian team to win .. :P
This ozil's goal must be one of the top 5
USA got cheated in this game.. they deserved to win.. and it was 3-2 !!>.. :S .. think its time to apply that camera rule like NFL ..
8 years ago
Poor game for england.. i really dont know.. gerrard and lampard...... not an answer.. think its time to make one of em out.. joe cole chance, or another playe...
Wow.. 2 lucky goals !!!
Nippon !!!! Nippon !! nice win
Cant explain how Elia was not in starting lineup .. xD
I really liked the bafana bafana celebration... Mexico really misses this Jared Borguetti player.. he was very good header ...
Boring game.... forlan tried, but he just need some company .. France need more love/energy/enthusiasm/+++ ,,
Fernando Torres.. great dRibbling !!! .. Spain 6 goals.. demonstrating something to Brazil ? xD
Quite an exhibition here for US ..
Wow ! .. great expectations !! :) .. they showed them some world class shooting
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