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Sweet profile pic, btw : D
Lol @ man u buying falcao or cavani. good luck with that, as well as becoming just like city
5 years ago
When's the last time germany were this good?
6 years ago
@ georgio: ya dude great point
Lol way to shoot his dreams down like hardcore man
Man newcastle have the coolest jerseys
Eljero elia...
Somewhere on FootyTube
@toddtalk: lol, your common reasoning seems genius in contrast with the comments above you. just funny to me.
In the EPL, there is a lack of consistency in the top 5-6 b/c they all come across tougher competition from top to bottom. That doesn't happen to Real Madrid an...
So he had a bad game? so what? He plays better on a more consistent basis than Kaka
7 years ago
Lol yeah you're right i can't believe i allowed myself to be sucked into that one
Him and obama alike. Indeed, the past 11 years have been a waste, Obama is nothing but a slicker, well spoken version of GWB. lol but I digress.
Whoa people you're blowing my comment out of proportion. I am BY NO MEANS a messi "hater". I love messi, think he's a class act as well. I like him more than I ...
Messi is on a better team though. On both the club and international levels. So to say he trumps ronaldo would be a mistake imo
Haven't seen a comment on Nani's additional screw-up at 5:08. He had other players in perfect position for him to get an assist but instead he takes an ill-advi...
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