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I gotta agree that commentator is effin' hilarious! Hahahaha! Busquet's vision with that pass to Pedro was pure class. I won't say Fabregas dived but it defini...
Wow, Villa got destroyed. Great game/goals for Chelsea and great to see Torres scoring, too.
The speed of Falcao and the strike of Adriano for those first goals... absolutely stunning. Loved the cheeky steal at the end by Messi, too.
That Giroud assist and Podolski goal was sublime. Definitely goal of the week. Wow.
Harsh, game-changing 1st handball penalty, I think. Still a great and well-deserved win by Man City, though.
Zaragoza got dominated. End of.
If it's boring don't watch it then and stop flaming/hating/trolling. It's pointless and makes you look retarded. Personally, I like watching both leagues. Foo...
I can watch Cazorla all day... whatta signing. His assist for Giroud says it all, really. Great game.
Great goals by Benzema, especially that second one of his - pure class. Awesome to see Ozil scoring, too.
Stunning goal from Oscar. Great goals all around, really.
Scoreline could've been much more damaging to Arsenal. Lucky to only concede 2, to be honest. Well-deserved win by Man Utd. P.S. Loved Cazorla's goal at the ...
Loved Iniesta's goal, too... classy.
This was an enthralling game and a bit of poetic justice for Chelsea imho. I think some of you here need to chill out a bit and enjoy this beautiful game, compl...
Lol whatta comeback. Heart attack material XD
Mallorca got steamrolled. No surprise, really.
I like Man Utd but I gotta agree that Chelsea got robbed. Supremely bad ref'ing.
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