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The ball did not totally pass the line...therefore it is not a goal. But wow Real were dead lucky..lol
7 years ago
Thanks. btw..your cute. ;)
Very good match! Good play from both of the teams! Barca played alright, but so did Villareal. Oh and the 3rd goal by Barca was offisde, guess it was a let back...
Ronaldo scores once again! hehe
Another game and a win once again. Nice work Shakhtar, but make sure to score when the chance is there.
I enjoyed the highlights and I must say this must have been a great game.
Look's like Fenerbahce is sinking..
Hmm...this looked like a nice match, even though it ended a draw..
Nice win by the legendary Leeds. :)
Well I think the team re-won their morale, but I think this loss was maybe because the manager made some wrong moves.. Good win by Stoke.
Glad to see this team come back and regain their good game. Good game.
West Ham need to sack Avraam Grant. That guy does not know how to manage a team..
Terrible performance from Man City..with all the fantastic talent they have, but still under-performed. Good work by Birmingham.
Looking on the match statistics and this tells me that Atheltic Bilbao fought very hard and must have played well too, because they scored first then had 2 pla...
2 cool votes for ya also. take care
VFB demolished Werder with this awesome performance. Best player from VFB was Marica.
Benefica got horribly pwned! lol
Beautiful goal scored Elias!
Let me guess...you want to buy Ozil to make him cut your grass with precision and skill?! loool
Yeah..your right! I was like, what's wrong with them..they keep using them words over again! lol
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