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I must admit that Inter has cooled down a bit. But I'm sure if they manage to stay healthy, with possibly (and unfortunately) the trade of Eto'o, they can acqui...
6 years ago
What up!
Scotland played dirty... two handball incidents totally uncalled.
7 years ago
I think the man of the match was the goal post for denying Eto'o haha even then no big. They won by one, and Inter is still adjusting with the constant change. ...
Just goes to show Inter is the talk of the town... FORZA INTER!!!
Just saw the game with Palermo... WOW! Pazzo is definitely going to be starting with Eto'o and Milito. He fits perfectly. And Kharja seems like a good fit as we...
"In the bag" haha
Hey what did we do in math yesterday? and when is the test?
Not worried about Inter just yet. We have health issues. At least inter doesn't have to worry about our stars fading like in Milano. You guys may be on top, but...
Pep would be great for Inter, obviously he's done a good job in Barca. And of course Rafa is still learning the chemistry in his new team and who fits with who ...
There's still enough time to now say Inter is out of it. The injuries they've suffered ARE a factor. I think that if we can get healthy again just in time for t...
I agree about not depending on one player. However, the go to guys like Sneijder, Milito, and Pandev have all kind of been on the mend lately. I can see Coutinh...
I don't think Rafa might necessarily be to blame. The players seem to be making rookie mistakes... Waddaya think? It seems they've missed easy goals left and ri...
Today's game made me realize that this might be a longer year than I thought. It just seems that injuries are hounding this team pretty bad. I thought Lucio was...
I agree with Orpheus, the only threat will come from Inzaghi. That bit about him being born offsides... brilliant!!! I say Santon is the key to boosting the def...
Guys, guys... even though things look dark I believe that Inter is having a bit of injury at the right time. I think Rafa is learning about his new team. I thin...
Fuuuuuu... just lost Julio Cesar...
That goal by Muntari was awesome!!! FORZA INTER!!!
I know this is a little older but I still love it!!! AMALA!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z74zP3W-fI
Also have faith in the fact that Julio Cesar is our goalie. True we may be in third but our goals for/against ratio is the best in Serie A. FORZA INTER!!!
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