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5 months ago
6 months ago
David Moyes is a football genius!
Absolute master class. Sensational talent on display.
Lahm is too good!
I'm sure that goal brought some memories back for Seedorf.
7 months ago
First pen dive. Bale got clipped for sure. Ronaldo's yellow was deserved. It was a body check for sure and a poor challenge, but Ronaldo couldn't have expected ...
8 months ago
I just can't get enough!
10 months ago
I just can't get enough! That header, that chip! What a satisfying win. Hopefully we can get start winning with clean sheets though. On to the Emirates!
Still better than that c*nt Neville...
No one mentions Vidal kicking the ground and asking for a penalty...footballers these days.
CSKA has black players...how ignorant can fans get.
Absolutely amazing...speechless.
This game was really good...until the red card. Disappointed with the way the game turned after the first half. Nevertheless, raised hands in football is one of...
1 year ago
More like Robert Lewangoalski! Looks like it's shaping up for an all German final but you never know I guess.
It will be awesome if Stoke actually drop.
It hurts. I just want 3 points...
If there's one thing Di Canio's doing it's instilling confidence. Thus, the great strikes. Sunderland's staying up.
Offside didn't apply in this match? I feel for Malaga, but I prefer BVB. Too bad someone had to lose.
Super performance by the Reds. I've lost all faith in Reina. Great play from Sturridge and what a strike by Gerrard. The frustration never ends, but I like what...
=( oh it hurts.
Oh you're cutting deep, please stop. Doesn't make my statement any less true...
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