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Yh ronaldo is a fag, I can't stand his attitude which is why I don't even bother to watch any of real madrids games unless they're playing against a club I like...
8 years ago
I'm a chelsea fan, but I like Arsenals football/manager Liverpool-Fernando Torres Man City-Steven Ireland, Adebayor
Ohhh thank you! Anyways, how do you feel about this? Do you think that a player should leave even after he's accepted the captain armband? Or should their contr...
I don't get that, I think that if you're intentions were to be traded in the first place then you shouldn't accept the captain armband, because its kind of like...
I agree, also its funny even if they didn't have Thierry, Messi, or Zlatan and they just had the rest of the mates they'd still be a world class team and would ...
I think Africa deserves this, and its bull s**t because they know how many players the world gets from Africa and how much money they milk these players for, so...
Hmmm this is weird, I'm not saying I hate gay people but flaming gay people I can't really stand. But for some reason if someone was to say "oh that guys a fagg...
I was just thinking about this, kind of wondering if its more true than it is false. Like when I look at Real Madrid and how they have great players but it seem...
Yeah but arsenal can't out muscle them though. You see how big barcas players are compared to arsenals? sheesh.
No, its good that he left, Ronaldo was too flashy, let him live that pop star life some f*****g where else.
Can't lie, I'm kinda happy he's out. It'll give him time to think and reflect and ask himself how he wants his career to end. If he comes back I bet he'll comeb...
I want Arsenal to win, I can't stand those Barcelona American fans that just like them just to like them. meh.
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