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5 years ago
So if Chelsea finish outside of the top 4 but win the Europa Cup will they take the 4th place Champions League spot again?
Mata is so sick!!!
Woah! We were lucky. A combination of starting Gallas and not having Bale makes us very vulnerable at the moment. I think when we get Kaboul back I'll start goi...
I wish people could just enjoy watching Bale play insteading of criticising all the time. Yes he looks like he's imitating Ronaldo because he's openly come out ...
What's happened to that Arsenal squad?! I really can't believe how quickly their quality has dropped. Has Wenger got a plan? Do you Arsenal fans still believe i...
6 years ago
How the premiership looks since the close of the summer transfer window http://twitpic.com/86bcrz
He's just bitter because Chelsea would take just one decent man to lead the line at the moment if they could
Gareth Bale is a monster. If he stays fit till the end of the season 3rd spot's ours.
Well done Galaxy! Good to see football/soccer doing so well out in the states as well now.
The American league looks bloody awesome! Great entertainment
Great teams filled with terrible sportsmen. The amount of diving, rolling around on the floor and pleading with the ref to give their opponents a card is disgra...
7 years ago
I think you're looking at the game through red and blue tinted spectacles mate! I'm no Barca hater. In fact I dislike Arsenal a whole lot more but that was sho...
I was looking forward to watching this game but it was horrible to sit through due to some very biased ref decisions and some outright cheating from Barca. What...
Damn it- Chelsea back to their best. Bad news for us lot
Yeh dude i agree that bale in form, but most fans cant see the best players tend to have off days thats prolly why they writing bale off. but i cant see any1 be...
Vidic is on top form at the moment. Very hard to beat I wish people would stop complaining about Bale after he has 1 or 2 average games. He's a growing talent ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well if it's not Webb then it's Clattenburg
Yea cos you hear about all the top clubs in the world fighting to sign Malouda! Pahaha! Get over yourselves Chelsea
It's pretty funny to listen to Arsenal and Man U fans complaining about cheating
Cos Fabs arm was so high above his head he looked like he was playing volleyball
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