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5 years ago
Yeaaaa he mad!!
F**k off Chelsea!! Cantona got a 8 month ban for karate kicking a man who insulted his mother! Hazard kicked a little kid in the ribs out of frustration! BTW lo...
Arsenal... love the team were such fierce rivals but this game they shoudve put in the bag imo! Podolski shoudve started
Welbeck learnt to chip like that from Rooney im guessing ;)
6 years ago
Yea i think this is allahs doing hahaa how else did Chelsea pass through :P kidding you guys deserved it you shut the LA LIGA critics up and let the world know ...
Congrats to $hitty deserved it and so did we but oh well s**t happens. Dont worry we'll retrieve our title back next season with a better then ever midfield... ...
I see a bright future for erik lamela he reminds me of a mixture between messi and ronaldo someon who can shoot and dribble finish and pass! god hes gonna be so...
How many goals does rooney have alltogether? all comps?
Lol no im not, im saying this cause your critizing the best manager in the world -.- you twat
Lol your a dumbcunt... -.-
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Fergie next season ;) dw i love you old man
Dissapointed united but wow llorente is a f*****g gun!!! rooney is top class and he proves it yet again, sir alex i trust you old man but his mind has a funny w...
F**k i cant stand barca supporters think they own the world now... messi messi messi! it was a good goal but the ref is just plain retarded! -.- seriously when ...
Omg -.- i called them manch$ter city cause thats thier new nickname now ffs i didnt mean it as offence, geeze city fans noisy neighbours alright...
Shut the f**k up both of you, i think balloteli is top class and entertaining lol hes a fregen character! i cant stand silva but class! us glory supporters dont...
My fave player from Manche$ter City would have to be micah richards hes a star! big black, strong, fast and just unstoppable in the rb pozzy! beast! i wish he w...
LOL 2 reds and 8 yellow f**k, thats pretty good defending by chelsea with 9 men gotta say... but badluck struck chelsea and manchester...united -.- haha
United deserevd this defeat! now our defence can finally put thier selves together!!! come on united glory glory!! Evans please just leave -.- and fletcher what...
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Great article... the thing is if i see carrick starting and evans im gonna spew too unconsistent!
Ronaldo is a traitor, we made him who he is and he went for money as for tevez he was free transfer and i give f**k all about him hes a twat anyway
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