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Cristiano has punched a player at least 3 times this season alone. That wombs combo against Godin and twice in this match. Just goes to show just how different ...
2 days ago
It would've obviously helped them.
3 days ago
Fatality! http://gfycat.com/AggravatingElegantAtlasmoth http://imgur.com/ahnXU88
Barca faces Atleti away midweek, right? Lucho did 100% correct thing by rotating. There's nowhere near the same movement up front without Suarez making runs, so...
Tanmay, As you wish.
5 days ago
Pejvl, You posted your version of what happened, I posted mine. No need to paint me responding to you as some sort of witchhunt. I think that looking at the re...
Zilch, Which is why I don't use slurs. I refer to Real fans as blancos, the accepted term for Real supporters like cule for Barca supporters.
Pejvl, Next up theres Hikmat with "Oh dear, looks like the players in white aren't the only ones that get BS penalties." Replies: 4ever: "There was obviously...
Pejvl, You for instance posted: "Master Busquets at it again lol." My reply: "Protecting the ball and getting hacked down from behind you mean? Yup, masterfu...
Zilch, Exactly, respect is earned. Pejvl doesn't earn my respect with his behaviour.
Real Madrid is certainly not the best team in the world. They're one of the best, but saying that their are the best is unrealistic. It takes more than a CL tro...
Pejvl, Plenty of people are saying that the Busquets penalty wasn't a dive, as there was clear contact. And they're not replying to harmless jokes, but sincere...
These are the worst penalties awarded to Real this season: http://gfycat.com/VigorousRegularHerring https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lutjGQc6knU https://www.you...
Hikmat, Well that's revisionist history if I ever saw it. The ref blew almost immediately, and it was Atleti players that surrounded him. Oh, and a light tap ...
Tharius, Real has only ever gotten tons of hate when they've gotten penalties due to blatant dives. Seeing as this wasn't a dive at all as we all agree there w...
Sanchez, Hey now, when has facts ever stood in the way of a narrative? Real deserves more penalties than Barca, and Messi only scores less penalties than Crist...
SIF, That graph contained 1 penalty that Messi took that he missed. It contained 11 penalties that Ronaldo took, and he missed 1. 1 a piece. When you get to pr...
No see, Hikmat is one of the reasonable blancos...
Hikmat, The Barcelona forum blows up when Cristiano dives without contact, and gets awarded a penalty. Or when Pepe throws himself to the ground and gets a pen...
Tharius, Funny how you think that this is similar to the penalties that Real has gotten hate for this season, seeing as how you agree that there was contact. Y...
9 months ago
11 months ago
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