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What are your predictions for tonights game? I'd say that Real's got the edge as far as individual quality is concerned, so Bayern really need to overcome that ...
12 hours ago
No, but Llorente isn't a 19 year old CB with a 36 million buy-out clause.
3 days ago
His contract also runs out in 2015, no? Some big team is likely to pick him up this summer, and I'd like to be Barcelona. I don't think Bilbao has the balls to ...
And thank god for that. Watching Barcelona play has been a exercise in self-hurting lately.
Masch is great. He's been overused as a CB though. Have him replace Song as the 2nd DM as well as continue to be a back-up CB, and we're golden.
I know, right? On a serious note, Laporte. If Barca is allowed to buy this window, Laporte and Hummels would be a nice pair to bag. Pique and Hummels as the e...
I had this crazy idea, what if Masch would play as a defensive midfielder? Laporte impressive as well.
DaGaza, If Atleti ties, they win with a point, no? They lead with 6 points with one more game played. If they lose, it's a tie and head to head decides, and A...
4 days ago
I think the mistake he's talking about was how Barca lost possession. They were so high up the pitch that when Real countered they were really exposed, and Bale...
6 days ago
To add to this topic, Bayern is a great example of a team that can play possession and counter attacking football. They've got a keeper that's great at handling...
Shazli, Barca might have the strikers to counter with, but they haven't got the defense to rely on. Hence the possession. And converting any of the players you...
I've got a couple of theories. 1. Symptoms of physical therapy due to his injury. Last I heard, Messi does daily additional training since he got injured to k...
1 week ago
Tata hasn't had the chance to affect line-up the team in any way. He's adopted the same squad that played under Tito that's basically the same squad that played...
Lahm? Are you guys talking about Philipp, the FC Bayern defensive midfielders?
2 weeks ago
Moeb, You only pay bail so that you've got an additional incentive to show up to court. When you show up, the bail is returned to you. As such, the whole conce...
Moeb, Only in the most severe cases are you put into jail without bail whilst your trial is ongoing. The crime would have to be heinous, and you'd have to be a...
Moeb, There isn't supposed to be any punishment before the time for appeal is over. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.
You said whether.
Tanmay, How would that give any insight in to if the current rule is reasonable? How are you going to conclude that an outright ban of all under 18 transfers ...
Yet FIFA regulation is 16 years, even though there are EU countries where the minimum age of employment is 15, so FIFA is already limiting it. The age is alread...
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