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4 + 1.5 million is nothing for a club like Barca, so even if he flops, it won't matter. I just don't see what a 5.5 million player can do at Barca unless he's s...
7 hours ago
Memento, 100% serious. Munir will most likely be in the A team next season, and his profile is closest to that of Suarez out of the current starters. If his tr...
16 hours ago
Single elimination, right? So they're out. Di Maria might just be looking at the fine print of his contract, wondering if there's a way to back out still.
18 hours ago
Yup, Suarez better be looking over his shoulder. I'm pretty sure Munir will be in the A team next season.
From what I heard Benatia has been creating all kind of internal strife and pressure to force his way out, and Roma fans are all kinds of pissed as they feel th...
So Di Maria to Manchester United confirmed. Big loss for RM, but I honestly don't think this makes sense for United. They're stacking their attacking but are st...
20 hours ago
Alfrodo, Song needs to go. Doesn't matter if it's for 1 €. Having him at Barca isn't good for him and not for the team. He's a good DM, but has no place here...
21 hours ago
Benetia certainly pissed off a fair share of Roma fans, many to the point that they're now wishing him good riddance. A great signing for Bayern never the less,...
23 hours ago
Yup yup. The one think I that still raises questions to me is that I've seen Rakitic be a bit stubborn when it comes to keeping the ball on his flank of the fie...
I just don't see what Douglas has to offer that isn't already covered by Alves and Montoya. It can't be depth considering that Alves, Montoya and Adriano can pl...
Mt, If the problem is consistent, then the match analysis will be repetitive by default, no? If referee decisions continue to be inconsistent, then people will...
Mt, Simeone isn't one to bitch, but that doesn't mean that the treatment isn't unproportionate. It just means that Simeone is a top lad.
1 day ago
And you feel that managers poking opposing managers in the eye can be tolerated and shouldn't be made an example of?
Sure he shouldn't have tapped the referee, but a light tap is nowhere near as bad as a poke in someones eye, right?
Messi was 12.
I thought Alves did well enough yesterday. Busting up and down the pitch for 90 minutes. Alba was way worse in my opinion.
2 days ago
Lake, It was a joke on how Ekoj is calling himself neutral even though he's firmly in the Real camp. I was claiming to be neutral while saying something clearl...
As a neutral observer it appears that Real Madrid fans are poopyheads and Manchester United belongs in the Championship!
When was the last time Messi was over 170cm tall? That's right, that loser. On a serious note, can we please just shut up about the Ronaldo vs Messi. There's ab...
Damn that was unlucky. Really a shame. A stone wall red as a last man contact but goddamn Masch could do nothing to avoid it.
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