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Jesus, I didn't even notice that you didn't write seppuku. Jokes just keep swoshing past, don't they.
7 hours ago
Dame, Jeroen-san! My brand of sarcasm is obtuse to non-Finns even face to face, so I wouldn't worry about it. It usually takes months before people I meet go fr...
8 hours ago
Jeroen, Twas a joke! I wasn't offended in the slightest. I was playing off the fact that your statement could've been misconstrued as bragging. Just a bit of b...
Badge, There's no party like a sausage party, am I rite?
Jeroen You wanna wave your dick at me? I'm Finnish, I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Italian. However when I first heard the hymn I was really you...
9 hours ago
Jeroen, The theme was a bit ruined for me once I understood the words. It was cooler when I didn't know what they were saying.
10 hours ago
Luis Enrique: "I'm not more nervous for CL game than for any other game. The stars and the little music at kick-off don't change anything." Got to love his att...
Khedira is pretty much a pure DM. If anything, the problem is that he's too defensive, eg. he's not a orchestrator like Xabi.
Pejvl, So now you've gone from trying to deflect by saying that Barca players do it too to trying to deflect by going off on a completely unrelated tangent? Ne...
Pejvl, It's astounding how wrong you are. I don't nitpick nor look for these incidents, they're on the front page of the Soccer reddit. Interesting enough, eve...
Song got a red card. Suarez much more. Everybody focused and condemned both Song and Suarez, but Cristiano has a second incident in 4 games escaping with a sing...
Pejvl(Real Madrid)25 minutes ago Like I said, 6 moth ban and jail time. Case closed. Such blatant hypocrisy, being so flippant about what happened just beca...
Pejvl, Nah, Cristiano is a first class citizen so he operates under different limits than third tier scum like Suarez. It ain't 3 incidents in a lifetime, it'...
Cristiano has been letting his frustration get the best of him a lot this season: http://video.kooora.com/player.aspx?vid=276550 He repays a late challenge by...
Franky, Not sure if you understand my jokes.
2 days ago
Franky, Yeah, I hate it when I'm trying to drive down a ramp and there's 100 Catalonians yelling at me. If I had a penny for every time that happens...
"at that moment, Vermaelen deeply regretted choosing the 13m long Audi Q7 as his sponsorship car."
Well, UEFA should be allowed to make whatever rules they feel fit, as they're the ones running the show. I'm fine with whatever they decide, as long as the rule...
3 days ago
Yup. With Alba and Alves, Alba doesn't do a lot and Alves wastes possession constantly. With Montoya and Alba, Montoya doesn't do much but by golly does it allo...
I kind of liked the Alba Montoya combo. Having the much more conservative Montoya on the right allowed Alba to bomb up the field with impunity, and he did so be...
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