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A 4-4-1-1? A 4-2-3-1? Who knows. Stacked up front at least.
33 minutes ago
He seems so uncomfortable and gassed. What kind of medication do you get if you've got a heart murmur?
37 minutes ago
Suarez gave Messi ideas.
49 minutes ago
Several good moments, and not really as single bad one.
1 hour ago
Close Messi down without anyone covering you, and odds are he ghosts past you.
I really hope Enrique subs Neymar and Suarez off at half time. No need going chasing records, let's just rest players.
MSN in full swing.
Rafinha has impressed so far. He's really improving now he's getting minutes.
80 million. What a steal.
Can't risk dropping points now. Suarez and Neymar can get subbed off, Messi will loiter around once the game is done.
He did indeed. All pre-planned to raise his stock, I'm sure.
He got us into that one as well. No reason to be that far off the line.
Bravo miss-judged that really badly.
Laola1.tv is a legal German stream you just need to have the Hola unblocker plugin for.
UEFAlona Peonel...
4ever, No-one is saying FIFA isn't to blame as well. It takes two to bribe, Qatar being the other party. Nothing from South Africa or Brazil compares to the ...
2 hours ago
Franky, A big reason why certain middle eastern countries get so much media coverage as they do is because the West, mainly the US, has a vested interest in th...
I thought Vermaelen was supposed to play on the weekend?
Dunno, I'm expecting a parked buss, and there's no doubt Adriano is better going forward than Mathieu. Defensively, you're absolutely right. Good to see Rafi ge...
4ever, I'm not saying that there weren't problems with especially the WC in Brazil. It was reported plenty. But it completely pales in comparison to what is ha...
3 hours ago
1 year ago
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