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DaGaza, Over 90 minutes means that Barca was better in total, while for 30 minutes means, well, for 30 minutes. Hence why I used over and for respectively.
1 week ago
Pejvl, Barca was better over 90 minutes. Real was better for 30 minutes.
Modric (Real Madrid): "We were the better team, but their second goal killed us mentally, we didn't play as a team anymore." #fcblive Gracious in defeat.
Consistency is the hardest thing when you're young. Neymar is incredibly talented, but its important to remember that hes young. And hes new to Barcelona. He co...
"I call him ...perfect" - C. Ronaldo. I can't agree more.
Jeroen, No, I'm joking. I thought John Terry sleeping with teammates wives wasn't a rumor, but confirmed fact. If it really is just a rumor then I've got nothi...
Jeroen, I agree. And Terry. And Costa. And Ramires. And their colors. And their badge. And London. And their football. Other than that, I don't really mind Che...
All those conflicting personalities, fighting for supremacy within Zlatans psyche, restricting his capability to 1/3 of any single one of the above. He has rare...
Franky, Adriano and Alba should do fine.
The fact that it's PSG aside, I can't say I'm displeased with the draw. On the ranking on most favored opponents for Barcelona, I'd put PSG on 3rd after Monaco ...
Players aren't cattle. As long as Messi has a contract, Messi can't be bought against his will. And if he hasn't a contract, then he's a free agent and still ca...
Porto or Monaco. No question. No Atleti, Real or Bayern please.
I'll go on record right now and say that I'll be very, very surprised if the Clasico isn't a even and hard fought tie.
FC Barcelona 1 - Joe Hart 0.
Uh oh, Rafinha on. Hopefully Pep don't get no ideas.
I hope at least one of our players will try to shoot on Sunday. Everyone is either taking an extra touch or passing.
He's feeling the pressure to show what he's got, so he's overcompensating. He plays like this exactly because he's the number 2.
The animal of course. Sneaky fuckers. Hide in trees and drop down on moose. 30Kg animal taking down the 800Kg king of the forest.
Doubt he'd play any different if that trophy never existed.
To be honest, Leo is strong and super physical. Just not big. A proper wolverine.
11 months ago
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