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Jesus. I can't help but to think if Bayerns physios are to blame.
2 weeks ago
And apparently it'll be played at the Old Trafford, so there should be no jet-lag, smog or crappy pitch to be blamed for a poor performance. Sounds great.
Franky, No. Neither. I strongly dislike those abbreviations. There's only one BBC, and they're the British Broadcasting Corporation.
And Messis slump is of course scoring twice and giving one assist in 25 minutes on the pitch. I really don't think there will be much of a space issue, none of ...
Two more weeks...
The theory seems to be that Kaka ran up to ask Messi for his shirt, and Messi replied that he already promised it to Oscar. Fits the clip pretty well if you ask...
Danny, I don't know where you're getting your numbers from, but they're not true at all. This is the top-speeds measured in the WC2014: Cristiano Ronaldo 33....
3 weeks ago
I do think Messi helps Neymar develop. I don't think he's at all similar to Ronaldinho who was like a protective big brother for Messi from what I've read, but ...
Mesut Ozil, Arsenal material 100%. I wonder what kind of Willy-Wonka physios Arsenal is using.
Wasn't passing accuracy just as worthless a stat as possession? Just another indication that the team is doing silly back-passes? Well, I suppose now that the s...
Raj, Cristiano doesn't do everything. His midfield game is not nearly as good as Messis. Messi would be a world-class attacking midfielder if his finishing was...
Raj, Messi is the second highest top scorer for Argentina ever, already better than Maradona. He doesn't score as often as for Barca because Argentina doesn't...
Badge, Have you watched Real Madrid play? They struggle immensely whenever the opposition parks the buss.
Raja, Atleti is the team that Messi has scored second most often against, after Real Madrid.
Jeroen, As a Finn, I certainly understand why Catalonia wants to be independent. Self-goverment is a worthy goal in and of itself, no matter if it makes econom...
I agree, it'll be a two horse race this season. The epic duel between Barcelona and Valencia. Hurr hurr hurr...
Losing their talismanic striker two years in a row hurts their offense. You just don't replace Falca and Costa that easily.
Good, solid discussion...
KingLucas, No hate, but he was distinctively average.
6 months ago
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11 months ago
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