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The referee apparently ran out of cards
2 years ago
Nice clip.
The front three of Barcelona has scored 120 goals this season. Barcelona does not need a midfielder that scores 15 goals and gives 15 assists. Barcelona needs m...
4ever, Thing is, Neymar beat the player. If he had failed, Allegri might have a point. Hard to argue Neymar made a mistake when he beat his marker.
Ltm, Busk argued because Neymar got a yellow but the player that took Nyemar out minutes later didn't. The referee completely lost control of the game with his...
Messi is really poor at being taller than 170cm.
I agree with Hari. It was a simple rainbow flick, and it beat the defender. Bilbao players should learn some manners, outplayed for 90 minutes and they act like...
Unless you've got something to back up a claim that corruption in FIFA is today no worse than it has been, then you're just making empty claims in an attempt to...
Malik, You've got it backwards. That big corporations exploit labor laws to the bone does not in any way change the fact that Qatar is utilizing slaves and wor...
3 years ago
For someone claiming to not defend Qatar, you are really passionately deflecting blame with your whataboutism. Just because China or India is bad, it does not...
Malik, Enough with the whataboutism. What rock have you been living under if you believe that poor working conditions in India or China are not being covered...
Anyone saying that what is going on is Qatar is even remotely comparable to the West or even China is beyond delusional. Qatar is beyond a doubt one of the wors...
Maybe Ancelotti could give Zlatan tips on how to win the Champions League.
Vermaelen. 1 year, 0 games. Already champion. Better than 5 years at Arsenal.
Poor Perez http://i.imgur.com/W6U6MMH.gif
The only problem age wise with Reals squad is the age of some of the corner stones. Cristiano (30), Modric (29), Pepe (32), Ramos (29). They'll all expected ...
Of course he inherited big parts of the team, but there's no question that the team is playing differently than in the last half a decade at least.
Absolutely obnoxious. I like it.
Barca can't afford to waste chances. But I don't see this Juve side being able to stop Barca from creating chances how the teams playing.
Wouldn't say that. Bale alone had two really good headers go wide.
4 years ago
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