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I don't think that would work well at all. Needs a proper CM to link play.
12 hours ago
Soo I'm exactly 6 feet. Heels OK?
1 day ago
Franky, Pepe, master of getting under your skin? Come now. Pepe completely falls apart when faced with a real master, just see what happened with Müller in th...
Barcelona pay Valencia 10M up front for French defender Jeremy Mathieu (30). The rest is paid in two instalments of 5M each. Makes sense with the transfer ba...
3 days ago
I don't see a need to keep him. As long as Barca can get a half-way decent price for him, it's better to sell him for all parties concerned.
4 days ago
Jeroen, Sure, but that logic is assuming that it's an either or scenario, and that Barca is satisfied with a whopping total of 3 CBs on their roster. If that's...
Jeroen, How could the money be spent better? Salvo (president Valencia): "I feel bad about Mathieu leaving because he was an important player for us, more imp...
As long as Mathieu isn't the only CB Barca signs, I think it's perfectly fine. 20 mil for a proven CB that fits the bill isn't the end of the world in today mar...
St10r, Barcelona has spent a net 60 million this season. If Hummels is for sale, there's still easily more than enough money left to pay double of what Barca p...
It might go sour, but it might not. We'll see.
5 days ago
Yup, 190cm and fast, with the technical ability of a left-back. Age aside, there's a lot to like.
Ltm, Right, so all the trainers during the whole of Luizs carrier have been playing him out of position? Because that's who have constantly been choosing to ha...
Ltm, It proves that David Luiz has been predominantly a CD since he was 14. Now, because you seem to be confused as to why this is a bit different than Mascher...
Ltm, Right, because Mascherano has been playing predominantly as a CB since he was 14? "David Luiz arrived in Esporte Clube Vitória at the age of 14 after b...
Ltm, I keep repeating *anything* about David Luiz? What have you been smoking? I hardly ever mention him, not to mention repeat. And you're free to call him a ...
Ltm, So what options are there that Barcelona missed? Better CBs than Mathieu who are fast, tall and technically gifted aren't really in a surplus at the momen...
Malik, Barcelona wanted to pay less than 20 million, but Valencia wouldn't budge. Mathieu however wanted to move, so he agreed to dropping his wages so that Ba...
Mathieu vs Everton last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAslr80qQqU At least he played one good game last season.
3€ million a year in wages over 5 years is 15 million less, and 10+10 million is also really good. So while balking at the total of 20 million is one thing, i...
He was a left back once upon a time: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jeremy-mathieu/leistungsdaten/spieler/5404/saison/2013 He's played as a CB the whole of la...
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