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Ronaldo, not Cristiano :).
5 days ago
He reminds me of Ronaldo.
What's the point? They were 4 down going to the game, now they're 9 down. Parking the buss wouldn't really make any difference anymore.
Pique once again inviting the opposition to shoot.
1 week ago
And that was off-side? Jordi Alba was maybe 5 meters behind the last Getafe players. These refs, seriously.
Is the other from Alves? Because that counter should never have taken place, as it came from the blatant hand-ball by Sammir.
What does it take for Barca to get a penalty? I suspect that even of the opposition pulled a Suarez and swatted the ball off the line with their hands, the refe...
Franky, I immediately interpreted Messi raising his hands as him showing to Suarez that Messi was getting out of the way and for Suarez to go ahead and take th...
LastGrasp, Are you seriously claiming that there's a positive correlation between the death penalty and the amount of homicides? There's absolutely nothing to ...
Ibrahimovic interview - "I still have friends in Barcelona? 90.000 in the stands and 22 on the pitch." https://vine.co/v/O6BIn3bj3Vv
Tomikato, Messi wasn't offside, and he knew it. There are few player who know where the line goes better than Messi.
9Ronaldo9 I agree. And while Lucas had Mathieu in his pocket, there wasn't a single arial chance the whole game, so that did work. If Barca had a tall RB, the ...
There's no denying that Bartra has been immense. Imp just hope that he won't get cocky.
Pique did several mistakes throughout the game, only picking up his form towards the end. He just stood there several times.
Neymar to the left, drifting in, Suarez and Messi switching between the right and middle.
Naw, still no league goal. Twas his second in the CL.
And give some private lessons to Pique to get him back on his game. He's made so many poor decisions this game. Stays when he should go, passes to the oppositio...
Funny to see how many over there are chomping at the bits, hoping that PSG beat Barcelona. Really does show just how much they care.
It'll be interesting to see how the mods react to that post calling Barcelona clowns after the stance they took a couple of days ago. Blatant flaming if I ever ...
Goddamnit Pique has been absolutely horrible. Worst I've ever seen from him.
8 months ago
10 months ago
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