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@Gohonaf The thing is our slow build up possession game is perfect for Europe, but bad for the EPL. I remember in the mid 90's Fergie was putting our team thro...
1 week ago
@Shiwa Europe- and in particular Uefa Champions League- is where the quality of a domestic league is judged. You can't call the premier league the "best in the ...
@Phenom For years Utd was flying the flag for the EPL and all the domestic teams where hoping we would lose and get knocked out, only now they're realising that...
@MUFC1990 LvG is well aware of the importance of Carrick and that we desperately need his replacement- don't worry we're waiting for next season to get a Stroot...
@Karthik24 He's a great keeper and if you look at his performances in the world cup he was great working with LvG. If we went for proven big names, instead of t...
@Kayteo Yes Rooney dived, he probably could have just jumped out of the way, but the point Cjaystacks is making is that the keeper was making possible season en...
@Cjaystacks of all the signings we've made so far I think Blind has been the most consistent and contributed the most to the team.
@Blueblood1 It's because being in the UCL Chelsea are representing England and the English premier league. That's why any hooliganism or racism shines a bad lig...
2 weeks ago
@MUFC1990 In general I think the English Premier League is the best in the world when it comes to anti racism and fair play, and Chelsea have greatly improved f...
At least you didn't blame it on the Sunshine or the Moonlight :)
True Chelsea fans have progressed since the 80's, but I do remember when a large portion of their fans openly supported the BNP and where members of the NF. The...
@Bazinga I agree, we have the talent to win that game all we need is a good game plan- like what Arsenal did to them- and we can a good result.
When Young came on we didn't do long balls, we just crossed the ball in from the wings more effectively, we still passed the ball in midfield.
Away to Swansea is gonna be very tough. Maybe we can get a result of some kind but if we play the way we've been playing a draw is the best we can hope for. Tha...
^ I agree. I think in the record books when they look at where Utd finished last season it will have a disclaimer next to our name saying (but the had Moyes an ...
@SoccerIsFootbal I still think 4-3-3 is our best system, it's ironic cause the man that's always played 4-3-3 and loves the formation refuses to play it with us...
I agree with the above
I suppose we could have done much better, but at the start of the season a lot of critics where saying we would struggle to even make it into the top 5 let alon...
Sometimes I don't get Paul Scholes. He's a legend and the best Utd Midfielder I've seen, but when Moyes was in charge and we where consistently playing crap and...
@StretEndArising The 5th "striker" is Di Maria- if you remember he played him as a striker for a few matches when we where still using 3-5-2. LvG said he needed...
11 months ago
1 year ago
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