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Pep is a great coach, but it's like I've said time and time again- he's OVERRATED. Critiques put Pep up there with the greatest managers of all time- which he i...
2 weeks ago
The funny thing is that at this moment I honestly agree with "Pioneercolonel"
1 month ago
I'd get William Carvalho- a powerful box-to-box/DM. He's young and talented, the type of player LvG has always had in his teams.
@TheCheshireCat TBH I thought the same about Young and Fellaini at the start of the season, but they've greatly improved since LvG has taken over. The thing is ...
2 months ago
@Theatreofdream They're solid and reasonable predictions, however one thing that I can predict is that there's little chance of the results turning out the way ...
@Kayteo No way Young has actually been one of our best and most consistent attacking players since LvG took over. He deserves to keep his place. ADM needs to ea...
Before the schalke match fans where calling for CR7 and Bale to be dropped from the squad. After the match they where booing them off the field.
I doubt it, but... Stranger things have happened. The next 4 games are crucial if we win them all I think top 4 will be secured, then we can think of other th...
@SoccerIsFootbal trust me he's in the twilight. Footballers drop off form rapidly when they reach Robben's age. One season he'll be a world beater then the next...
I agree, what's happened to the EPL? It's got richer, has more world wide fans, but the quality is poorer. I think that technically and style wise the brand of ...
I hope this could be the case too. It's been a long time since we've had a crop of youth players with this much potential.
Robben is not the answer to our problems, we need to look to youth and the future. Robben is in the twilight of his career, we need someone who will be with us ...
@TheCheshireCat You can't blame Fergie for problems going on now. When he left we where champions, everyone was performing well, it's not his job or responsibil...
LvG won't be sacked this season- even if Utd don't make it into UCL or Europa. The board realise that we need stability and can't afford to sack another manager...
@Gohonaf The thing is our slow build up possession game is perfect for Europe, but bad for the EPL. I remember in the mid 90's Fergie was putting our team thro...
@Shiwa Europe- and in particular Uefa Champions League- is where the quality of a domestic league is judged. You can't call the premier league the "best in the ...
@Phenom For years Utd was flying the flag for the EPL and all the domestic teams where hoping we would lose and get knocked out, only now they're realising that...
@MUFC1990 LvG is well aware of the importance of Carrick and that we desperately need his replacement- don't worry we're waiting for next season to get a Stroot...
@Karthik24 He's a great keeper and if you look at his performances in the world cup he was great working with LvG. If we went for proven big names, instead of t...
@Kayteo Yes Rooney dived, he probably could have just jumped out of the way, but the point Cjaystacks is making is that the keeper was making possible season en...
3 months ago
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