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Dreadful defending and goalkeeping, except the redeeming penalty save. But that volley, exquisite.
8 years ago
Oh, your Liverpool? than that makes seventh all the more humiliating. And Spurs dont have the weight!? who are you suggesting does? Certainly not Liverpool.
That was some second rate goalkeeping from Anlwick, or however you spell his name. I hope we don't see him again. Didn't help that the back four took a nap afte...
Definitely, someone profited in order to arrange an "emergency" transfer. I think also the fact that it was for a keeper had some influence. If this ever happen...
Any one else upset at the "emergency" transfer allowed for Fulop? seems to me if your 1 and 2 goalkeeper are injured, that's why you have a third. Credit Fulop,...
Any one else upset at the "emergency" transfer allowed for Fulop? seems to me if your 1 and 2 goalkeeper are injured, that's why you have a third. Credit Fulop,...
Sweet Baby Jesus, the day has come!!!! Finally classy football gets its reward. Now to show Europe what they've been missing. This is an unbelievable success,...
SUCCESS!!! Glad to see Redknapp going for it, and not playing for a draw. Thoroughly deserved win, and a great performance away from home on a huge night. Now...
More good play from Fulham, more bad luck from West Ham. Keeper definitely should have dove on Nevlands pass, he just watches it go in front of him.
Leave Berbatov alone!!! (in crazed fanatic voice) Agreed, his lack of confidence could be resulting from the pressure of the damn "supporters" moaning.
I agree crewmanu, give Berbatov the reigns from the get go, and he'll thrive. Like Bent at Sunderland this year, you need a spotlight to shine under. Berb's tal...
Agreed, ManUdaBest, the quality in England this year less than previous. Although the results have made for a thrilling season, there have been no dominance. Ju...
Yeah that would have been a wondergoal from Aquilani, inches in it. should have been two for him. That was a penalty by Ivanovic. And thats hard to say, as I ...
Definitely. Its about time Huddlestone made one of his often attempted hammers from 25 out.
Yeah what childish assness from Valdes.
I like how you can lose a match, receive a red card, and have a total of one shot (off target) and get half Awesome votes. I guess for Inter fans its "awesome" ...
I think this might be one of the few games that "Awesome" and "Rubbish" actually apply perfectly.
Well played United, although I think only the first penalty was deserved, clumsy tackle by out of position Ekotto - United created plenty of chances, and the sc...
And thanks Terry for looking like an ass once again, Hopefully Capello gives your spot in S.A. to Dawson.
What a dominant performance by Spurs. Now where was this play against Portsmouth last weekend. And sunderland, and wolves earlier for that matter, we could have...
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