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Pauletta (Paul Catterall)
Poppyfields (Joseph)
Raj11 (Cristine....)
Raul12 (Raul Chavarria) from Los Angeles, United States
Friends call me Ralph . I play the drums in my band. i like chillin with friends and going to shows. music is everything to me.
Sabersupra (Ashhab Saber Bari) Australia
I support Barcelona and my favorite footballer is Lionel Messi
Shpetim13 (Kelmendi)
I love to watch and play footy I play indoor soccer aswell..i enjoy playing in midfield and striker position :) I don't hate on other clubs(including rivals) but i hate on the fa ...
Stfnd (Stephan Dim)
Arsenal and
Work as a carer,hate it,love my days off!No one into footie!Born in London.Married to a Chelsea fan (he`s ok).Just like to be happy.
Tanmay (Tanmay)
Tdsmufan (Tristan Da Silva) Canada
Aiming to be a professional footballer someday, not many opportunities in Canada as the sport is not so popular as the ice hockey or american football just to give some examples. A ...
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
I'm a real cunt. Just ask Godspeedysick
Turkwitch (Serav Kaya) from Athens, Greece
Uffie (Holly Eves) England
Arsenal and
Viktorcpu (Viktor Stojanovski) from Skopje, Macedonia
I had a dream that we played Real-Barca mix team. Aguero from ATMadrid plays for us and constantly scores goals. No Offside rules. It was 6 goals till i turn to Ronaldo with no hai ...
Yusoff4 (M.Yusoff Jamaludin) from Damansara, Malaysia
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
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