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I'm surprised how easily everyone fell for this one... they guy just got done for drink driving and apparently there are some other personal issues as well... d...
2 days ago
Any news on this Bielik kid's progress this season?
1 week ago
True Gunnzo, I forgot about Debuchy. I will allow myself some high hopes for this one after all :D
When was the last time that a transfer to Arsenal unfolded publicly like this and actually went through? Im thinking maybe the Podolski deal...
This feels sad, Ospina has really done well in his short time here. I think that on reflection it's pretty good for everyone though. Ospina had some time at a t...
This is most likely due to their homegrown quota requirements and the fact that Wilshere has played less football for us in the league than, say, Ramsey, so the...
Bad decision IMO Ospina has played fantastically for us this season. Szczcszceszny should go on loan instead. However if we are getting Cech instead it's not l...
2 weeks ago
Lol well LastGraspWinner I think this is a special occasion. Here's a funny thought... we are going to have to start putting spoiler tags on FF7 spoilers again
Qutoes from Wenger regarding the FF7 remake: "" "Look, if it becomes available at the right price I will do it" "I do not spend money on this just because I ...
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