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5 years ago
Read my comments, I said that his few good games vs Barca came in 2010/2011 season. ps: I'm not assessing him as a player, I'm talking specifically about his p...
Di Maria is always awful against Barca. His best games vs Barca were in the 2010/2011 season. His tendency to hold onto the ball longer than necessary usually r...
Varane had a good game...but he got away with one. He should 've seen at least a yellow for that foul on Messi. Messi was through to goal. Also that offiside ca...
Can't believe a Bayern fan who actually watched match today would call Gomez "useless". He was a bundle of energy and made more than a few key defensive plays w...
The unsung hero of this match is Gustavo. He was great without the ball....stamping out any danger before it reached their fragile insecure back four. Bravo. Ca...
Great game tonight. Bayern made Bavaria proud tonight.
El clasico by the numbers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzgI7nqFDIc&feature=player_embedded she's a beauty, isn't she?
6 years ago
Haha...A goal is not a shot on target if it scored by Sergio Busquets who's wearing a Barca Jersey. That's why it is called an own-goal.
Saw ur question about pitch dimensions. Wikipedia has the dimensions of all the pitches.
3 for you as well. cheers mate
You made your point in the first paragraph which is fair enough. However, in the second paragraph, you were being just as presumptuous as those you are criticiz...
Yes Arsenal were 1-1, they'd still be out if Messi's goal wasn't falsely disallowed at the emirates. That doesn't matter to you blokes because it went against B...
Enough of the ref BS. you conveniently forget that Messi's legit goal at the emirates was chalked off for no apparent reason. That goal would've taken Barca 2-0...
Another excuse for diving drogba. exhausted after 15 minutes?..I think not. The other guy said Drogba dives to slow game down, this guy says he dives to rest up...
I think it was just a case of defensive error; mostly by Mascharano. He ran to Ramirez instead of checking drogba's run. That would be an easy clearance.
You mean super-quality teams like Wigan and Fulham were Chelsea needed generous refs to get by. yea whatever.
You are the Retard. Drogba made Busquets look like Spartacus last night. Besides, a Maluda dive got Abidal sent off in 09. You don't get to send a memo to ref t...
Barca greatest team ever? not sure about that, AC Milan 1989/90 will have a thing or two to say about that. A team with Gullit, van basten, Rjkards, Baresi, car...
Out of rhythm doesn't make you miss chances, it makes you not create them. Missing chances is just down to poor finishing.
@CalmLUFC I agree with you for the most part. except for the Messi part, he played well imo. definitely not at his enterprising best, but he was a threat. it's ...
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