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5 years ago
I didn't know that players are allowed to shove players in the back in order to get the header first, seeing as it's suarez it must be allowed. i mean he's alre...
Props to Man U but that was a bullshit penalty...
6 years ago
Good defenders they may be, but they just don't act like footballers. They come up with outstandingly dangerous tackles but then complain about referee decision...
Evil has a face, four faces in fact. The Madrid defence is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. They are filthy, hypocritical, pathetic, cheap and dangerous players. I can't ...
Am I the only one that likes Meireles's hair? And on the red card, I can see why the ref did it, but it was pretty harsh seeing as it was a case of blatant simu...
Good football marred by cheap tactics, what I have come to expect from a few Spanish sides, but especially Real Madrid.
Anyone else notice a big white spot on the back of Nani's hair?
How can Mourinho be praised for tactics like this? He is childish and a pathetic excuse for a coach. The disrespect I have for Madrids back line is unfathomable...
You have a great name buddy, did you get it from "Snatch"?
Personally I think that Abidal was fouled at the very beginning of the build up, apart from that it was a brilliantly worked goal, props to Man Utd for that goa...
"Liverpool FANS", this is just one joker, don't assume that ALL Liverpool supporters act like this. Plus I wouldn't take him too seriously, I can hardly make se...
7 years ago
Football brings people together...until it reaches the internet. Stop whinging and complaining about errors made by the referee, it's just pathetic looking thro...
Props to Madrid, they played well in the first half and stepped it up in extra time. This being said, I believe that Barcelona should have one, if Madrid were w...
Every team can use someone like Eto haha. Cutting him for losing against Real Madrid? That is, at least, moronic. Wake up Latifou
Horrible comments, for a horrible performance. Man U were pathetic and deserved all the harsh comments they got. Both Nani's and Chicharito's dives deserved yel...
Dude, you seem to take this awfully seriously. How about you let others voice there opinions, even if the don't happen to agree with your righteous point of vie...
Pause at 1:24 , Eto has the cheekiest smile ever :P
This comment is an example of why Americans are thought of so lowly everywhere
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