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I've given up reading all these comments... you people need to learn to use proper grammar and spell words correctly. it's ridiculous how uneducated my fellow ...
7 years ago
Geordie geordie geordie! if you want to get to heaven when you die if you want to get to heaven when you die wear a black and white bonnet with newcastle writt...
Your name has boob in it, you back off before i grab it... i agree with x6, id rather have a guy who came through the newcastle youth system until we find a bet...
Get rid of shola, pick back up martins (i love that tiny man) and if bayern wins the uefa there will be high demand for players to move to that league so i feel...
8 years ago
You just need to learn to hide the hate and disguise the words to create comedy instead of just insults... if you ever want tips, holla atcha boy
I hope you suck on a chode barack my buddy... ill go midtable on your mom and she'll beg for more
Your picture scares the hell out of me
Agreed, post more highlights, not a bald a-hole
Lets be realistic here... we need some speed up front, we need a defender to knock around guys in the back like vidic.. we should focus on a latin striker like ...
Says the link is gone though...
Id really like to see these highlights of the scunthorpe game... i get super excited when i know carrol scores
Its not the meaning that im not understanding my friend haha... its how you say it. im a geordie all the way, its just hard for me to get used to the grammar y...
Does anyone understand booba's posts? i have a hard time understanding what he's trying to say...
I got 50 out of my own pocket on it...
I miss that dude
They put up the weakest highlights of a game, sometimes none at all... and they continuously put up these talking heeds more often than the premier league gets ...
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