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1 year ago
Your team must be s**t then!
5 years ago
Yeah he was offside, not by that much but definitely offside
Football isnt just about your passing power, the chelsea defence, discipline & finishing were awesome on this day
I said he was offside when he got the ball, not when the ball was played as he was in the chelsea half like you say. Learn to read first.
If you were a real fan you wouldnt switch which team you support for any reason. You seem to be an unloyal glory hunter - the lowest of the low of football fans...
There are some sportsmanship lessons to be learnt from Barca players?!! Are you mad bro? Granted this match they didnt act like they had been shot too many tim...
Puya = sore loser
Ive watched the full match twice now, cheers! Gets better every time
Do you know the rules of football?! He was well onside when the ball was played
By the time he gets the ball he is way offside but when the ball was played he was in his half
Hahaahaha standard barca response! Get over yourselves
Pretty sure Stoke dont play that well..
Barcelona are awesome at what they do but if it starts going wrong they can't do anything else, playing 3 attacking defenders is just asking for trouble on the ...
Not being able to convert chances is not luck, thats called not being good enough.
6 years ago
You can criticise a win all you like, everyone has done it, but obviously the thing that most matters is the score line. You're the one looking stupid here with...
Chelsea played well, great discipline
Much like almost all the Barca team then
Why would you not judge the game based on the score?! Thats the only thing that matters.. Barcelona were simply not good enough to convert their chance, thats n...
Insanee added new photos to Arsenal
8 years ago
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