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2 years ago
Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
3 years ago
Except maybe he knows much more than we do. I hope it's true though!
4 years ago
You can't blame the manager when players are missing sitters, that is the point
We won't spend 200 mil in 1 season for sure, that's impossible I can agree if they have to go if only we have better replacements for each of them. If we are n...
April Fools is still way ahead
The problem is our squad is thin, we need to bring more players in before considering to sell
The only ones worth mentioning are Company of Heroes and R.U.S.E (add: Red Alert 2) or get Rise of Nations, old game but it was quite a hit back then, it is so...
Agree with SIF, he's good with both foots and his composure and vision are great for the #10 role, but we still have the dilemma. It is Kagawa's natural positi...
I think Kagawa's struggle and van Persie's injury is one factor why our midfield looks dull. Even Carrick had not done much this season other than maintaining o...
If you read SAF's autobiography, he doesn't like some things about Brazillian players. I believe it's not because we didn't know much about South America, in fa...
I kind of disagree calling it as "title winning" team. Last year we won the title mainly due to the brilliance of RvP and Carrick (and SAF of course). In second...
Smalling must have contributed a fair share too, Rafael was out for some time and he filled the RB most of the time. Can't blame him, I start to get irritated w...
Pretty sure he will do better than Bebe for his first time
I thought the singing section will be made permanent after the successful trial. It certainly will lift the atmosphere since we all know the home attendants are...
Valencia is a true winger, what he showed in 2011/2012 was good enough for a winger, 27 apps - 4 goals - 14 assists in PL alone, those are good stats. I still ...
He was not in a position to cut the cross and Adebayor already jumped ahead of him, even Vidic wouldn't be able to beat him in that situation. Adebayor's positi...
I activated my last emergency window and got Aguero and then the next day he was injured
From OptaJoe 150 - Wayne Rooney is only the second player to reach 150 goals for a single club in the Premier League (after Henry at Arsenal). Landmark. 19 - ...
Liverpool is not in the CL, that is a bonus for their run in the league
Oh yeah, my bad there, forgot that it was Evra not Rafael
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