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4 years ago
@Honestabe "Trying"?
Hey Brian, A couple a clevers for ya to keep ya going:)
You're aware Ronaldo wasn't the first to think to hit the ball with his head, yes?
Can always count on Chelsea fans for class.
Cheers, nice win over Barça.
What the f*ck is wrong with this commentator?
Neutral Party Says: That was some pretty awful officiating. Tough luck for Chelsea. I mean, I still, just, hate you guys. Like, so bad. But tough luck today.
Surprised more wasn't made of Michu's finish. Sure, it was a terrible error, but the margin of error was ZERO, and he took the chance perfectly. Can't think of ...
Or we could try to get Bogdan...
6 years ago
I would say Balotelli by a fair margin.
10 goals/10 assists in 22 matches IS world class.
Also a manager's dream.
I'm sorry, did you SEE this match? It was a manger's dream. The lads played exactly the match the Harry's been trying to put together since he got here.
Because clearly Balotelli provides more value. (Definitely trying to be facetious here.)
Yeah seriously Tim Krul is awesome, I think most keepers would've given up at least 6.
Apparently you should've signed Adebayor, to assist him. So far, 100% of his Spurs goals have come off of Ade's passing :-P
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