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Congratulation. See you next year..
5 years ago
InZizouWeTrust nominated M. Özil (33') for Goal of the Week
If Benitez win you the match against Spurs, he seriously deserves more respect from Chelsea than he's receiving, that's if he's receiving any at all..
InZizouWeTrust gave the Bayern München v Barcelona video a rating of 5
Come for thumbs up? for two years now i keep on wishing to see BM play Real in the CL finals, post almost the same posts every year here now. Bayern denied 4 pe...
Sad it ended 4-0 only, if the game wasn't against UEFALONA at least 2 of the 4 handballs in the penalty area would have been called. Oh well, Congratz for the w...
Http:// I hope you guys can view the video, Have a laugh like I did!
Http:// Here is a video of the bite. Notice how Ivonoic going WTF is the guy doing as Suarez biting the crap out of him haha...
It sucks even more to see that pig scores the equlizer..
InZizouWeTrust gave the Athletic Bilbao v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
Lopez saved Madrid? Really??..
InZizouWeTrust nominated Cristiano Ronaldo (2') for Goal of the Week
Good luck today. Will be cheering for you..
Hopefully 0-8 Chelsea.
"no coach, no defense" No sir, Pretty sure there was a coach and all 4 defenders in the game. It's just Barcelona decided instead of playing football like a t...
Pep, Tito and Roura, not only Roura
^^You played em two legs and they took you out
Just look at the difference..
I think Zizuthelegend is joking here guys, He can't be that stupid??
I'll take that as you never watched Alexis Sanchez? Dani Alves? MACHERANO? Their new actor Alba?? They're far worse than Pedro. Busquest is their queen though.
You're wrong sir, it's not only Pedro, the whole Barca team do. Seems like if the ref doesn't give the penalties and fouls to ever dive they do, they end up los...
Puyol should consider himself LUCKY that Di Maria won't be playing in the next El Classico... lol kidding, respect to the legend.
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