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I will help you Pedmar, I will send a post card to FCB office to ask the players to put their pants down and wait for either RM or BM!!!
6 years ago
Oooppsss I made mistake, lost my cool there! sorry guys!
Jeroen you bring up a very good point! an to say the same, most of tax payers in US paid for the wall street bailout and the millions of dollars of bonuses paid...
What is wrong with this guy? @ Pedmar Dude, we didn't even play you guys. and did anybody actually come to you personally or your footy wall and complain about ...
Not sure if its true about real not having quality, i just think they are not managed properly! but I still love the comment!
I really want him to win the WC, that is the only thing separating him from Pele, Maradona and his personal desire!
Mate, I would love to consider your comment very seriously but you are extremely biased! I just took a quick look at your profile and the last five comments you...
Favorite Profile!!!!!
Thanks mate!
Pep is incredibly funny When asked about Lionel Messi’s position in world football, FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola said: “Messi is among the greatest. Di...
I will never doubt Zidane, he has done lot of things, its foolish to compare, first they don't even play the same position, Zidane is the mastermind of the feil...
Are you sure you are not AFG(Real Madrid fan)?
I will have some of what you are smoking!
Well, Now I am definitely convinced he(messi) is from another planet!!!
I know, its the nicest name!
I don't know if this been posted already but good article about Messi and Football in general!!!
I hope he makes his decision after CDR finale, I hate contemplation!
I'm going to go with the revolving door being my favorite!
God dayumm, this is going to hurt but Dibzz, you are completely correct!
I hate Neymar like no other and i am not too sure why so i will go with Gotze!
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