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Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPWhn__5izU& Slowed down and zoomed in video of the ramos adraino event. You decide
5 years ago
Do you want your other two accounts removed aswell?, your only supposed to have one. you better let me know, or they could ALL be removed, your breaking the sit...
6 years ago
Delete mine tooo!
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYxqWPiZp6E Look at this. Pepe did not touch him and even "if" he did he still touched the ball first. Secondly the videos you...
Wow looks like barca fans have manipulated the video to show he hit him. Its so obvious in the manipulated one that his leg is abnormally long he he wouldnt be ...
If we dont win, as long as Di Maria draws a yellow from Alves and suspends him from the final, ill be happy.
What do u madrista's think the formation will be at Camp Nou. I know victory will be close to impossible but this is what i think the formation should be. a...
If pepe still deserved to get a red even when there is no contact then barcalona should have got a red for this http://www8.pic-upload.de/28.04.11/hdnyv9abr...
For a Classico, this game was pretty boring to watch until the red came. Barcalona didnt bother much to attack and kept the ball between back 4. Real Madrid did...
Oh, ive posted in the wrong chat room, thought this was the real madrid one. Y do i get the barca and real madrid chat room mixed up.... Barca suck because ...
EDIT: http://www8.pic-upload.de/28.04.11/hdnyv9abrs8x.gif put wrong site. Any1 else think this should have been a red? Also, i see all these comments f...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Barcalona had no shots in the first half. How do they deserve it?
Player mistakes??? Ya ure right. Van persie should never have shot 1 second after the whistle. Thigo Motta shouldn't have made Busquets dive. It was drogba's fa...
Http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/912532/mourinho:-barcelona-have-knocked-us-out?cc=5901 How many more times do ref's have help Barcalona?!?!? are...
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