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Seems every english person is behind one team now.
8 years ago
Get your facts straight please before you make a fool out of yourself
Oh dear what an own goal
Arshavin has real problems hitting his shots when the ball's coming at him with pace. I mean it's not easy but he should definitely work on it.
How is arsenal the crapiest team of the EPL? makes no sense considering the fact arsenal never finish below top4 these days.. you're an ignorant arrogant loser ...
I think they already are
How many times this season have we won 3-1?
Wilshere is a ninja
Nooo he's not that bad :( he's just.. not ready :o
I want to see eboue operating central more often
Look at his leg. It's at least a year out if not end of his career.. and I hope it's not but it looks just like eduardo incident.. and what is even worse that t...
I really think eboue is much better than sagna at the moment because he runs directly at defenders and tries to dribble them not like sagna getting useless cros...
I really don't understand why we mainly play out wide with full backs running at defenders and delivering crosses in when there is practically noone who would s...
Double fail
Lol wenger should just let anyone play the first half and then send fab in for the last 30 mins to win them the match if it doesn't go well..
If only song was faster.. he would be top top quality player
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