Ibrahimessi (Mike) the greatest
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Madder (Mahathir) from Cheras, Malaysia
Mayankgerrard (Mayank Bahl) from Gurgaon, India
I am a very simple guy....but when it comes to "FOOTBALL",,MY STYLE STARTS....m a big supporter of LIVERPOOL FC ""ThE rEdS"".......WHAT I SAY ALWAYS IS YOU ll NEVER WALK ALONE" IF ...
Mtylerwelsh (Tyler) from Austin
I like to play guitar, I prefer technical and melodic death metal but I also like classical music, some rap, and some techno. I love football and have been playing since I was ...
Nkarli7 (Neal Kay)
Rockerr (Chandru) from Chennai, India
An highly over confident lazy guy waiting for the 'divine intervention'...
Sabersupra (Ashhab Saber Bari) Australia
I support Barcelona and my favorite footballer is Lionel Messi
I like to eat, play footy, watch footy
Thefc3 (Joker) from San Francisco, USA
Life is about enjoying yourself !!! even if they are rivals but they played better - let the best team win. Barcelona Liverpool or any team, I love that game like you never dream ...
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