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IVLBlue just Watched
Yeah guys, I saw this same comment on the r/soccer thread at reddit yesterday
Messi still can't score against Chelsea (missed a penalty against Thibault Courtois)
Damn, I thought that was just a bad dream.....
5 years ago
I don't want to jinx anything, but if we can replicate this kind of form at old Trafford we just have enough momentum for the rest of the season to grab the FA-...
I haven't seen some one fail that hard in Munich since 1923. :P
It's about damn time! HAZARDOUS!!!!
Why didn't Torres just slot that into the botton right corner?!?!?! So many chances just GONE and WASTED!
On an slightly unrelated note, these highlights have INSANELY good video quality
Does he even have a right foot? :)
Anybody have any idea how our goals scored/corners received has shaped up this season and in seasons past? It just seems from my casual memory that we've been s...
Instant impact from Oscar!
Lucas Moura is just tearing it up down the right for PSG
And still, can't keep clean sheets. When do you think we'll learn that staying the dominant side is an equally valid way of shutting out goals as digging in>
Damn, 2 goals in 2 minutes.
Lebron to Torres-"It's about damn time"
Is there a link on on the official itv website? It's blocked due to my location
Quite a few, though not all, of our problems would be fixed with a currently world class striker in the January window.....but what world class striker would wa...
But I think that Hazard could take Mata's place in case of injuries as well. You then bring in Marin or Sturridge to bomb down out wide in the open winger posit...
Yes. Especially with the team trying to evolve it's style to a more versatile and dynamic attack. When any organization is going through such changes, it's impo...
I would like having Hulk and Sturridge to maintain some of the physical capability along with the more technical development of the squad we're getting with Haz...
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