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I heard that too. I hope they do because his name should not be forgotten for what he did to this club until he left all of us :'(
3 days ago
Dat pass doe!
1 week ago
That guy can do anything when he's losing. Such a crying baby...
4 weeks ago
Thank you.
1 month ago
What time the game starts at tomorrow in eastern time?
Ronaldo plays bad= he's injured -> Ronaldo fan boys logic What a good excuse you guys have got already.but the fact is that he's not a player who could carry h...
You need tissue paper?
2 months ago
Alright lads, we got our MSN too. Hope this trio wins us all the titles next season.
Guys, which position Suarez will play if he joins us? I've been thinking a lot lately but can't get it since he is a striker and I don't think Messi will play b...
Alright guys, let's see who will get the final right. I call for Argentina vs Brazil
@Karmanized, go to school first and learn basic grammar before calling someone an idiot. Clearly you are the one who seems like an idiot...lol Niru, obviously ...
Even Torres could've scored at least 2 or 3 goals...bye bye Ronaldo
On the other hand Spain is winning. We all knew Spain was not gonna win the World Cup again but what knocked them out this early is the hunger to win a trophy. ...
I love it how Cristiano Ronaldo turns into "injured Ronaldo" for some of these Ronaldo fan boys. Another excuse for Ronaldo and his fan boys like always...
We lost the chance of winning the Champions League, la Liga, Copa del rey in a period of one week because of our horrible defense. Yet we still blame Chelsea fo...
5 months ago
I feel bad for Real Madrid...First Barca now Bacca lol
Pedro and Sanchez work their ass off when it comes to tracking back and helping the back line. If you look at yesterday's game, Di Maria attacked mostly from th...
Do you guys also think the fact that we started Neymar over Alexis and Pedro somewhat costed us the first goal as well as all the attacks started with Di Maria....
@Jeroen Yes I agree, I also think the same. He needs to work on his balance and strength if he wants to become one of the best players in Europe.
In this video, you can clearly see Ronaldo looking for a penalty as he's trying to pretend (with his diving skills of course) that he was pushed by Dani Alves. ...
7 months ago
10 months ago
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