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Hybr1dGunn3r nominated R. van Persie (13') for Goal of the Week
Unfortunately, it looks like his season is over, the club has looked in greater detail at his injury and has found that he will require surgery and recovery whi...
8 years ago
My team is in silver, but we call the leagues 2nd, 1st, premier, and elite :P
I play club too, r u in bronze silver gold or premier
I see you're a Toronto FC fan. You think they can make the playoffs for the first time in their history?
Yeah this is a good idea, too bad I don't have one. :P
Arsenal play better football, they just can't seem to win titles lately...
I donèt see anything wrong, Top Gear is amazing. I wish I had BBC America...
Its a dream transfer, Wenger would have to sell someone important before he would consider spending big on Alonso. Maybe Yaya Touré would be more likely?
Yeah, I heard that somehow the new boots that he had been planning on wearing for the game had disappeared, so he had to wear a pare of his old Laser II's. h...
I'm sorry, are you asking for everyone's opinions on religion?
I've seen this feature on other websites where there's a link to easily share the site with your friends via email. I think that something like this would be e...
I'm hoping for Alonso -----> Arsenal ;)
As more members join up, will you have to add more badges? I mean if it got to a point where only a fraction of the community actually had a badge.
I agree with you there, Robinho looked pretty good on his debut, but it's all been downhill from there...
I wish I could watch this competition, I'm really curious as to how England and Theo Walcott are going to do. Unfortunately, I have a lot of schoolwork to do a...
Gourcuff for me, just because he made it look so easy. Grafite's would have been better if he hadn't looked so strained pulling it off.
Definitely Messi, if Ronaldo was any example last year, winning silverware is one of the best ways to get noticed. With Messi accomplishing as much as he did w...
Lol, Rooney getting his boots stolen before the Champions League Final. XD
I'm sad to say I was thinking the same thing...
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