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Howells gave the Liverpool v Chelsea video a rating of 5
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Pleased with the win, really disappointed with the preformance. Really glad we signed mata, looks like we still are lacking a spark in the midfield.
6 years ago
For the record, Ozil snapped at Villa because Villa insulted Ozil for being a muslim.
Gave you some cool votes for hanging out at the Spanish drama queen match page. :) Cheers!
"I'm a Bolton supporter. I'll try to pay attention to our own matches next time. :P" lmao brilliant.
@kraybon, he isn't a chelsea supporter.
HIm and Modric will be perfect. Mata we will probably bid around 27m and shouldn't be a problem to snag him.
Pretty sure Luiz is still out, not to sure bout Ivanovic. Alex should be fine.
@Yazwa08, you are the fans I write on this forum against, this mind numbing ignorance and belief you are the only way to play football. Again I would like to re...
@Mt1234 mate im not defending them lol, they are dirty as hell! @andres no doubt they do, but again im not defending madrid, my problem is with some people thi...
Fun fact, barcelona has spent as much as madrid in transfers and has more debt.
No sarcasm, but thank you. This was the first actual well thought out response I have ever heard from a barca fan in my life. I would also agree with you about ...
To be honest the reason why Im always posting is pretty much what lawrence says. All you barca lot thinks that you have a divine right to win all the time. You ...
And why dont you go pay for your players scuba diving lessons, their diving is pretty damn good lately.
Well looks like you didn't say it originally, might of missed it in your madrid thrashing there. So let me get this straight, Villa has an excuse for slapping O...
Ya I wonder how much you would win if barca didnt dive.
Ozil was on the bench. watch it again bud, you have your barca goggles on.
And villa slapping ozil?
And villa slapping ozil in the face for no reason..........???
Lol girl scouts. that was awesome.
Never gonna happen boss.
Howells added new photos to 2010
8 years ago
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