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4 years ago
By trhe way,. even though he scored (well that goal is really ramires's he was phenomanal the sexy little thing.) drogba was a disgrace
6 years ago
Chelsea proved that the word impossible is two letters too long. we are by far the best team in the world. ramires if i see you i am going to kiss you, on the l...
So you are the authority on what all chelsea fans think and believe? nice to meet you your higness where have you been hiding?
I never expected messi to start diving too. shame.
Wigan were below par, unfit and not worthy and thus came lacking. Chelsea were amazing, quick, diligent and we could have scored 10 if torres had started, just ...
So i am not alowed to defend my nation? and why do you never do anything about the anti english sentiments on this site? i see where your true ''unbiased'' colo...
I guess all top 4 leagues are being represented int eh semi finals, oh wait, no italian teams? AGAIN? haha, ah well. well done chelsea, barcelona here we come. ...
Third warning from staff, stop writing bizarre hateful comments like: "Torres is the greatest, may argentina burn, falklands is ours."
Normally i defend ronaldo, but my,, ronaldo what a prick you are. jusut let higuain take his shot, why run into the guy andfd try to steal it?
Fernando Torres, Greatest player to ever grace the earth.
Just gave you two cool votes dude. liked your comments.
Because UNICEF would then sue.
Hamilt Altintop slid in on Joan Oriol, referee Paradas Romero gave the foul, Marcos Senna struck the free-kick, Nilmar ducked and Iker Casillas dived. Too late....
For clapping sarcastically at sergio ramoses red card.
Pedro should be a left back
Conspiracy theorists will be going mad that torres scored when the time said 666, but whatever. torres is quality and he always had it in him. god bless the que...
This is the link to london bridge is falling down song. now sing along to the melody "serie A is going down, goin...
They feel they ahve to give their stamp of approval over every game in progress, when they lie second in their league HA!
You obviously did not wacth teh macth, people are hailing it as one of the best games of football this year, even the gazetta della sport AND EVEN THE HIGHLY BI...
Italian football is officially DEAD! AC Milan did not deserve to go through, that silly van persie decided to chip instead of score (could the classic italian m...
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